Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ben and Nicole finally tie the knot!

I can hardly believe that my wedding was almost 5 months ago, but really, what's even more amazing is that at my wedding, Ben and Nicole still weren't sure that they were getting married this year. Then all of a sudden, after dating since 11th grade they made it happen :)

ben and nicole-11

If I were to have had a fall wedding, this is what I would have wanted. Nicole's artistic side really showed through in every aspect of the wedding... from her asymmetrical train on her dress to having the reception in a barn. Just so beautiful!

ben and nicole-1

The ceremony was held at the north end of Hemlock lake. It was windy and a bit chilly, but altogether perfect :)

ben and nicole-2

ben and nicole-3

ben and nicole-4

ben and nicole-5

ben and nicole-12

ben and nicole-6

The barn was transformed into a spectacular display of fall beauty with these concord grape centerpieces and old twisted vines.

ben and nicole-7

ben and nicole-8

ben and nicole-10

So happy for you guys :)


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