Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a way to feel pretty... and a little giveaway

Earrings always make me feel pretty. Moreso than any other jewelry. Why i don't wear a pair every day, I have no idea. I have my standard 3 that are always in and never come out. I think the last time one of them was changed out was over a year ago.

I actually have another hole on the left side that there is no earring in, because it's in an awkward place and hurts when I sleep on it. I did find a very small silver ball that fit in there so nicely and was fine to sleep on but since I couldn't wear the back of the earring to hold it on, i bent it like a nose ring and it just stayed in like that. But it fell out after about 6 months and I haven't had the initiative to get another one yet. I should though. I really like that hole. (i'm well aware of how wrong that sounds lol)

But where oh where did I get these fabuloso earrings? Good question. I was reading my friend Lex's blog one day and realized that she had an Etsy shop where she sold her jewelry. I don't know why I hadn't ever gone to look before, but I did this time. And I found a pair that I just couldn't live without. The first one on this blog.

And then I decided that since I was buying a pair, I should just go ahead and buy another one, since her prices are so reasonable! That would be the third picture. And when I got them in the mail, she had thrown in an extra pair!!!

I absolutely LOVE all of them! They were sooo much prettier when I got them than when I even saw them in the shop, and i thought they were just beautiful there too! I apologize for the b&w but that's the only thing i was feelin when i edited these. The lighting in the bathroom is just awful hahaha!

I loved it all so much that I pretty much emailed her right away and asked her if she could make the jewelry for the wedding that I'm in this May. aaaaaaaand she's totally doing it!!!

I will be getting that this week, maybe even tomorrow! and i will definitely be posting pictures of that soon.

Buuuuuuut, until then, I have a giveaway to commence.

You can enter two different ways:
1) Go to Lex's Indelible Expressions Etsy and pick out your favorite piece of jewelry and leave me a comment telling me which one
2) Become a follower if you aren't already and leave me another comment telling me you did so! (if you're already a follower, leave a comment saying that you are already, cuz that counts too!)

I will close this giveaway on Friday night... or Saturday morning, whichever i remember first lol and then pick a winner. The winner will receive...........

a $20 gift certificate to use on anything in her shop!

There you have it! Now, go look and then leave me comments with what you like!


run baby, RUN!

or rather, "jog baby, jog!"

Throughout the fall and even into early winter I was quite satisfied with my health. I was by no means working out at any kind of mentionable rate, but I did for about a month go 3 times a week with a friend. We kind fizzled and I pretty much got cocky with the fact that I had lost about 12 pounds and just wanted to "relax"

"relaxing" is pretty much equivalent to putting a welcome sign on my hips and stomach and saying "vacancy" HAHAHA! Because dontcha know, that's pretty much what happened.

+15 pounds later, I had fun, but seriously, is it worth not being able to actually fit comfortably into anything i own? Almost 2 years ago, I weighed 5 pounds more than I do right now, my MAX weight. I will never ever allow myself to go past there. I just can't ever do it. I lost 23 pounds(ish) and got rid of my fat clothes... all my clothes fit me for 15 pounds ago. So squeezing into them right now is not a pretty sight.


Since I am a very analytical person, I think a lot. I am also a multi-tasker. So while I am sitting, I can never just do nothing. I usually am sitting and: watching tv, working on lappy, sleeping, eating, talking to someone.

All activities that lead to inevitable weight gain. But among all this sitting and other multi-tasky things, I think to myself that during the summer, it's easier for me to lose weight, because I WANT to be doing things, and the sun feels good, so i LIKE to be outside.

I am all about mind over matter. If you don't mind, then it doesn't matter. And also, if I set my mind to doing something, then it won't matter that other things are in the way, I'll figure out how to do it.

So, I decided that I need to get the heck in shape. Not only because i most certainly won't fit into the wedding dress when it comes in, but because I am just uncomfortable at this weight.

I need goals, and things to attain, so the dress is certainly incentive, but I want to continue past that point. So I am continually thinking of where I will go next after I reach one goal etc.

I HATE, and I do mean LOAAATHEE going to the gym. Why? Because you have to plan it out every stinking time you go, and if you are planning on working out for say 30 minutes, that 30 mins quickly becomes an hour or more with drive time, prep time etc. SOOOO annoying!

Therefore, I have hit the pavement. I've never been one to sweat, or get my heart rate really goin, because I didn't see the purpose, ultimate goal, or any kind of benefit. But with a goal in mind, I started jogging and jog I will.

I did some research before beginning because I wanted to set myself up to keep going and not just quit after 2 days, like I normally do. I settled on starting out with equal parts walking/jogging. And those equal parts would amount to 15 seconds. Go ahead, laugh at me! Cuz I sure did! But that's what I could do!

Day one: 15 on 15 off... so far so good, but I felt good after 10 minutes so i upped it to 30 on 30 off.

Day two: 30 on 30 off pretty much the whole time.

By Thursday (day 4) I had worked up to doing 2 solid 15 minute miles!

And today (day 7) I got down to 2 miles in just under 28 minutes.

I feel so good with goals in mind and totally believe I can keep doing this.

I will definitely be keeping this up and I am so excited to see how it will help me. I've never worked out to lose weight before. I've always lost weight by just eating better. Which is definitely great, but I'm really excited to see what the combo does.

My shorter term goal, even before the dress is to participate in this 5K. Since I'm already getting used to doing a little more than 2 miles, 3.1 miles isn't too big of a step up. It's April 4th and benefits those who suffer with non-smokers lung cancer.

PS I do not look like the girl in the picture when I'm running LOL!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

i'm not dead... really

dear poor neglected blog,

I am so very sorry to have left you alone for so long...

It's not that I don't love you... I'm actually not entirely sure why I haven't used you in over two weeks. I've never done that before...

All I can think is that it's this dang weather that's been keeping me down. When I'm going, I'm going hard! It took me a few months to come off the high of running around so much all the time... and when I got a break, I seriously TOOK A BREAK. lol

So, a few things that I've been doing the last couple weeks:

- taking naps (about 3 times a week)
- getting photoshop cs3 on my computer once and for all
- working on taking pictures for my church's new website and putting them up (once they go live i'll share the link! the site rocks!)
- started running (i'll post more about that later)
- realized that when my dress comes in for melissa's wedding that i WILL NOT fit into it. remember when I said i had probably gained back the 10 or so pounds i lost over the fall... well i did indeed gain it back. plus 3 pounds. yep, that's right. it's going away now.
- went to the Revolution Retreat at my church and have been totally wrecked
- had issues with my small group (cadre) but am now seeing how faithful God is to work it OUT!
- worked out what jewelry the bridal party will be wearing at melissa's wedding (i will post pics when i get it this week, I cannot wait... but I guess i'll have to...)
- got WAY better at tetris... i will soon be the queen
- have become eternally disgusted with snails (more about that later)

Wow, I have just come up with at least 5 topics for new posts.

Oh! and one last thing that I did that i am really excited about, but you will probably think is lame is that I figured out how to reduce noise in a picture! My new camera is super amazing, but sometimes I still have to bump the ISO to 1600 or higher and it's hard to get that real clean creamy quality going on. One day I was thinking, I know there has to be a way to reduce noise in a picture, so I googled free noise reduction photoshop action, and after trying a couple found one that is actually really good! I know, I'm seriously awesome... or seriously lame, lol!

until next time though, here is a pic i took a couple weeks ago before all the snow melted.

and another...

I have more from this series, I should probably post them since they're already uploaded and everything... ok, make that SIX posts in the works now! :)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and his name shall be called...

goodness me, I have forgotten all about the little poll I set up to name my fish!

I know, crazier things have never happened... what with other things to do that may be slightly more important than naming my fish... like for example BEATING MELISSA AT TETRIS!

Anyways, my fish now officially has a name... it iiiiiisssss...


Thank you Andrea for the fabulous name suggestion. I loved it from the minute i read that comment... and knew no matter what happened, that would be the name for my fish in the end. However, honorable mention does go to Sally's suggestion for Kau'i which I did love... I love hawaii, and it really seemed appropriate what with the hawaiian sand and all... but alas, the fish does look like a rocker more than the island of hawaii. Therefore I have resolved to actually name Sting's house after the island of Kau'i (pronounced kah-oo-AH-ee).

I'm sorry Melissa, apparently you are the only one who thinks my fish should have been named after a PARASITE! I know you were both of those votes too... you probably logged in just so you could vote twice. I know your dirty little ways.

In other fish news, I have been having a problem of sorts. My little kitty Sophie makes a most wonderful bed buddy as she is immensely warm during these cold winter months. Plus, she is soft, and I like to pet her. However, since Sting has taken up residence in my room, all she is interested in is eating his bamboo and then ultimately him.

I have found the bamboo pulled up out of the sand twice so far even with my attempts to keep her out of there. it's sad really. she is meowing all the time and just dying for some love and attention... but she's naughty and cannot be allowed to eat my fish. or my bamboo for that matter. i think the leaves on the top of it are dying because of her carnage.

She's so stinkin evil. I'm trying to think of a way to keep her away from it whilst still being able to enjoy it as I have. Ugh. Stupid cats.


Monday, February 2, 2009

can the doggies come out and play?

Today was one of the most beautiful days we've had in a long time. It was sunny and above freezing most of the day.

We went outside to play and I busted out my camera to remember this. In past february's I remember getting some pretty amazing weather. There have been many a february where it has gotten up in the high 60's to sometimes even *gasp* the seventies!

But for today, we still have snow. However, the sun made me feel so good that I actually started hoeing (pronounced HO-ING) out my car... the entire winter's worth of garbage... the actual scrub-down will have to wait for the next sunny day.

This picture is not entirely unrelated to this post... but mostly I just wanted to post it cuz it's so cool. At least I think so.

The pups wanted to come out and run around, and holy smokes, they may have almost jumped the fence.

I have been dying to find an application for this action too. It's one of the pioneer womans actions called "seventies". ugh, now that I've shamelessly plugged her, I suppose it would be polite of me to go find her site and link you up right? You should all go and check it out, ps actions will change your life... only if you let them.

That's all I have for now! (not true actually, but i'm saving the rest for later) so I'm out!


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