Friday, March 26, 2010


In my google reader I have 116 subscriptions. Some people update, some people don't... like me ;)

But there are a few blogs I have had in there for the almost 3 years I've been using it and one of them is Maile Wilson. I don't know if it's because she grew up in Hawaii or because her style is so freakin awesome, but what I do know is that she is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to photography.

A couple months ago she announced on her blog that she had started a brand new line of camera bags for women. I was instantly smitten and resolved that someday I would get one! Hopefully sooner than later, but realistically, later.

So I pined away and looked at the bags over and over :) I told steve about it not suggesting that he should get one for me, but more looking for approval to spend money on it when we have other things to spend money on right now... like you know, the wedding and all {hehe}

Last week Steve and I were out shopping for some fish paraphernalia hoping to save my little betta and we stopped at the Christmas tree store... whereupon we bought a few things and when we put them into his trunk he pulled out a present for me.


There she is! I absolutely love love love this bag and am so happy he bought it for me! Apparently he thought with all my talk about it that I was putting on the "full court press" vying for him to get it for me... but I wasn't! In all honesty, I don't do that! I was just trying to get him to tell me it was ok to buy it myself. but this is even better!

I am looooooving my new bag and am so excited to take it to Denver next week with me to visit Beka. Check out the other bags and i'm sure you'll want one too ;)


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