Wednesday, November 30, 2011

back by popular demand

Sooooooo, since I decided to privatize my blog I've had a few people complain that they won't be able to get auto updated as to when I actually post...

A long time ago I had it set up for email subscription and even though the blog is private, it seems to still work! Therefore, I've inserted a link at the top right corner of the page so that you can still subscribe to the blog. As long as you use the email you log in with it should work for you :)

email subscribe post

Click on the link and it will prompt you to enter your email in order to sign up. Hope it works! :)


2 years

It was 2 years ago (11/25, day this picture was taken) that Steve proposed to me and we were engaged to be married. How much things have changed!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

baby girl's shower!

Last weekend was my first baby shower and it was at my Mom and Dad's house. Everything was sooooo beautiful and just perfectly appropriate. We were so blessed with all the gifts and love that our baby girl received :) It's amazing how much a baby can be loved even before anyone can see her!

I took some pictures before everyone arrived, and after that, I didn't. Ha! I'm not much into taking pictures when I could be enjoying people really... in fact, I'd rather enjoy the moments I'm in while I'm in them than take pictures of them... I didn't used to be like that, but I'm finding that to be true more and more lately. I kinda need to find a better balance ;)


deco 2


I'm not actually using Winnie the Pooh as a theme... contrary to what you might think :) But it was a perfect theme for the shower. Steve's and my favorite growing up was always Pooh... I think him more than me even (hehe)

The clothes hanging on the clothes line my mother-in-law collected here and there for the shower and everything hanging together looked so cute!

There's also 1 cloth diaper hanging there, and that is because we are planning on cloth diapering. If you look closely, you can see in one of the pictures above that Pooh is actually wearing one of the diapers ;) If this blog were still public, I know I'd probably get some questions about that, but I'm figuring pretty much noone reads now. However, if you DO read and you want to know anything about cloth diapering, just let me know!


bee hive

My mom and I made the bee hive and the hunny pot out of paper mache and the bees were just some little pom poms and wire. I loved them so much I want to eat them. OK, maybe that's a little extreme... but I'm kinda a little out of control.


hunny pot

Like I already said, it was a beautiful shower... I was very blessed by everyone there, and even some that weren't there! This past Sunday I had another shower given by my church... I just can't say enough how grateful I am to have such loving and wonderful people in my life! (I have no pictures of the church shower because I didn't take my camera... but if I get some from others I'll probably put a few up :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

update on life

Since it's been so very long since I've updated on well, anything, here's a quick update.

Last time I was getting ready to head to my 18 week ultrasound and we were anticipating finding out if our little Lemur (our nickname for baby...) was a boy or girl. Well, if you've scrolled down any, and/or follow me on facebook, you're well aware that we now know she is a she ;) But at the time, she wouldn't show us!

We ended up having a third ultrasound at 26 weeks and she was very forthcoming this time. Steve and I were so happy to know what we were having, though we had braced ourselves to not know and were ready to proceed with everything being a surprise.

As soon as we found out, we began painting and working on getting things ready... it's been a slow process though and still continuing. We painted our front room and the baby's room right away then removed the carpet from her room. It is hardwood underneath and we had planned to do this no matter what from the beginning.

The floor underneath needs some TLC though, so we've made plans to finish the floor in there as well as our dining room and living room (which we tore carpet out of earlier in the summer)

So in the meantime, we've painted the hallway and had some baby showers, began making nursery decorations, collected large baby items... and none of it has a home! We've tried to keep it mostly in the attic so that it's not everywhere, but I am soooooo looking forward to that floor being done so we can start moving things in!

This is the view from the hallway into her bedroom and I only took a pic of that because I thought the balloons with the car seat looked extra cute sitting there from yesterday's shower ;)

carseat pooh

We put Pooh in the car seat because it would just be ridiculous to carry a car seat around with nothing in it... right? hehehe :) And actually, yesterday, my mom and I went out for a little stroll with the new stroller and the car seat... ya know, just to make sure everything works well ;) and Pooh quite liked it, he never made a peep ;)

At this point, my house is not ready for a baby to arrive, but my arms are. I am so happy to be having this baby girl I can't explain it. More happy than I ever thought I could be when we had that conversation many months ago now...


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

last call before the big move

Over the past few months there has been a lot of change in my life. Ok I guess it's really been more like a couple years of change now! I don't really see it stopping very soon!

Anyways, all this has gotten me to thinking about my blog and the fact that it has been a very public account of my life in the past. For some reason, I found it absolutely fascinating in the beginning knowing that total strangers would read what I wrote... now it's totally terrifying. Ironic huh? Am I just paranoid? No, I don't think so. My life has evolved into more than just me now and I want to still share, but only with those I know are reading.

Therefore, if you would still like to read my (much more frequently updated) blog please leave a comment with your email, or send a message to me aboynamedbarry{at}gmail{dot}com and I will be sure to add you!

I have so many things I want to post about... pictures, personal things, random things etc, but I just haven't felt the freedom to do so. This is my solution :)

ps if you have already commented on facebook to let me know you want to be added, no need to comment again :) I gotcha ;)


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