Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've spent too much time sitting on keester.

I've been totally uninspired.

I've been a little depressed with all I want to do but haven't been able to.

I've been happy to have the extra time to think about all the ways I am blessed.

I haven't taken a single personal picture...

But yesterday I had a sudden burst of inspiration and took advantage of it searching for nursery ideas online. I started to feel like my old self again! Summer is after all my favorite time of year, but I haven't gotten into a groove yet. I swoon over the silly romanticism of the summer months. Beautiful outdoor picnics, perfectly decorated. Huge chandeliers hanging from trees and such ;)

But alas, most of those things look better in my mind than actually played out. One thing however, that always seems to appease my desire for the romance of summer is a display of flowers on my table.

My church has been so amazing and has arranged for a few meals for us this week. What a huge relief! I haven't been as sick as I know some people get with their first tri-mester, but enough so that I have been down and out for over a month! It's been hard and I'm grateful for loving people to come to the rescue ;)

Yesterday, our dinner from Annette came with a beautiful bouquet of flowers picked right from her garden. The BEST kind!


I love it!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

first ultrasound

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to see the little bambino! But then I realized that I wasn't going to be able to have an ultrasound until like 18 weeks. They basically told me that they only do them if they think something is wrong or if you aren't sure of the due date... which I can't complain that nothing is wrong! and I actually am quite sure of the due date and all that.

So I was really tempted to go to like a free clinic and just get one, but I didn't feel right about it. So I called again and asked if there was any way, and basically they sent me in for a dating ultrasound... which I was extraordinarily happy about ;)

baby 9w5d

So here it is! Baby didn't move much during it, looked like it was just chillin in it's hammock in there... good baby ;) and honestly, this is in my opinion a pretty terrible pic! It looks like a blob to me, but when I was seeing the video you could see it a little better. So little baby is 9 weeks 5 days today... and mama is hopin to be done with this morning sickness soon ;)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a different kind of feeling...

About 5 weeks ago I ran into a strain of pms I was unfamiliar with. Like, I felt as though anything and everything steve did was to intentionally tick me off and instead of just sitting sweetly, I was about ready to literally bite his head off.

There have been times I've felt this (mildly) and I'm always like, oh you rascally pms, let's get this over with!

But this, this was not normal. Through tears on a couple evenings I sat apologizing to him for being such a meanie head. What in the world is wrong with me?

We were on vacation that weekend and when I got home and realized my period hadn't come, the thought crossed my mind that I might be pregnant. Which I could only hope for! Oh how exciting! I had thought about that so many times in my life before, but figured naaaaaaahhhh. I'll wait a few more days, it's sure to come.

But it didn't. And didn't.

So by the time I was like 8 days late I decided to take a test. Thinking, if it's not positive, then there is positively something wrong with me!

But that second little line began peeking through and sure enough... it was positive :)

I called the dr the next day and they sent me for bloodwork, which also came back positive (phew! because at that point I had pretty much told everyone ;) how embarassing would that be for them to be like, uhhh no, you just have bad eyesight and can't read pregnancy tests (a dollar store test no less) Ha! ;)

But the case is such that I am currently growing a human inside of me. I am so very happy and excited! My first appointment with my midwife is at 10 weeks, so just a few more days!

I would post a picture from 7 weeks, but I am still feeling pretty dang self conscious that I feel like I could save that one for like 4 months... because I look that prego lol. I've actually lost 8 pounds in the last few weeks, but my belly is growing, it's a very different feeling...

But a very good one ;) Well, besides the nasty morning sickness. I hope that only lasts a couple more weeks, but whatever the case, I'll get a pretty sweet reward out of the deal! I'm good with it :)

So there you have it! Come January, our family of *two* will be a little bigger ;)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear kindest readers and friends,

You are so awesome! Sometimes when I sit in front of this screen and type my stories, life and random happenings I forget how many people actually read it... and all of your comments to my last post really meant a lot to me. So thank you!!!

I have been meaning to write this sooner, but somehow, the week has literally flown by. I feel like I blinked and then I was here. How does that happen? Like seriously!

So I wanted to play a little catch up, here we go!

- Last week I traded in my beloved civic for a very nice honda accord. I was sooooo sad to see it go, but it's been a change we've been planning for a few months... I just love the new car though! It's 3 years older, so I traded down, but honestly I feel like I traded up! It's a V6 and let me tell you, those 2 cylinders make a huge difference. I feel unstoppable bwahaha! OK... calm down ;)

- I painted our upstairs bathroom. My old bathroom was near perfect to me... minus the fact that there was like mold growing on the ceiling and ants everywhere... how is that perfect? Because i had a beautiful shower curtain and pretty towels and it all matched so nicely ;) So I painted the new bathroom the teal blue that's in the shower curtain... I was afraid at first that I had made a dastardly mistake, but in the end it turned out so good!

- my next painting project is the guest room, woot woot!

- I have a dresser I acquired from a friend that is pretty old and run down. But I'm going to liven that up with some white paint, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

- Still no pictures on my walls... I have been slackin lackin. I kinda want to paint the living room before I put them up... but I don't know exactly when that will happen. What have you done in this situation, should I just hang stuff for the sake of hanging it, or wait. And also, should I use the 3M hanging stuff instead of nails? I've seen it on TV but not sure it would work... and it's not super cheap so I'd want to know it worked before doing it.

- I got a new to me couch for the living room. It's circa 1992 probably, but it was $150 and that kinda cheap talks to me ;) It's a sectional and fits pretty perfectly in here. Plus it's comfy, bonus! lol

- I still hate folding laundry...

- I want to get a kitten soon... I hope I can find one that doesn't make me itch and sneeze like crazy.

That's about it really! I have some other stuff I want to share but I'll save it for another post ;)


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