Tuesday, April 6, 2010

home once again

4 whole days in the car with my love, 4 whole days of Christmas with Beka. Can it get any better? Ok, maybe my idea of hours and hours in the car being fun is messed up to some of you but how could i not enjoy it when I got to hold hands with my very studly man {most} of the time :)

We left Sunday {but had originally planned to leave Sat morning, however my bridal shower was that day!} drove 16.5 hours. Got some sleep then finished the trip Monday around 4pm.

The weather in Denver was beautiful the entire time we were there. Rain had been predicted for Friday, but we never saw it! With Tuesday being the warmest day topping out around 86 and breaking a Denver record we decided to head to the mountains... where it was considerably cooler ;)


The mountains were absolutely stunning. It is just amazing to be driving on the highway and in front of you is this massive expanse of mountain range.


I took fewer pictures than I expected of myself but in all honesty I think it's easier to take less pictures of things that don't move around as much {aka mountains} I'll be interested to see how many Steve took though, certainly more than I have!


But when it came to this little stinker, I took a whole lot. Kinda like photographing kids, you take a bajillion pictures and get like {one} good one :)

misa puppy

This is Misa, Beka and Jared's pup. She's only 3 1/2 months old and just the cutest thing ever. What wasn't so cute was the throwing up in the back of the car... yep, she gets car sick. LOL.


We went to Rocky Mountain National Park 2 days in a row because the pass was closed. So Tuesday we went to the closer entrance, then Wednesday we drove all the way around the mountains to the other side... about 2-3 hours. I really lost track how long cuz we had such a good time driving and making so many random stops along the way... like for example Starbucks ;)



while they were making my drink I was taking a few pictures... and received a few looks. Really? I can't help my love for color, I realize that starbucks in NY has the same coffee as starbucks in Denver, but why waste an opportunity to drink in such a cool combo of color? I know I'm a weirdo.


Once on the other side of the park we decided to have a picnic.


The original picnic plan involved a picnic table and/or grass to lay a blanket down, but snow hindered our plans. So we set down in the parking lot.

Thursday we went to red rocks, which I'll post a few pics later about and Friday was our chill day. I forgot most of the day that it was Good Friday and then was pretty bummed that we drove all day Easter Sunday, but we still made it a good Easter :) More about all that later!


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Keri April 6, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

I'm glad you had such a great time! Cant wait to see more!

We have a picture in front of that same sign BTW. You're making me a little homesick ;)

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