Wednesday, September 29, 2010

friends getting married

This year I've been to 10 weddings.

5 as the photographer
3 as a guest
1 as a bridesmaid
1 as a bride :)

And I still have one more next week! In Texas no less. That's right, I'm photographing a wedding in Texas on South Padre Island. I could not be more excited honestly.

But right now, I am sharing some pictures from the September 10th wedding that I was a bridesmaid in. My friends Laura and Danny got engaged a couple months after I did, leaving about the same amount of time I worked with to plan their wedding. It was at the Woodcliff in Victor NY and it turned out to be a spectacular day for an outdoor wedding.

castro wedding-4

The gorgeous bride!

castro wedding-2

her stunning dress. I hesitate to even say this, because there's really no way to tell from this picture, but there was a serious tailoring fiasco the day before the wedding. The only reason I am mentioning this is to give a very stern thumbs down to Quick Fix Tailoring in Marketplace Mall. I will forevermore speak of how poorly she was treated there and pretty much ruined her dress... which we fixed. But the day of your wedding is not the time you want to be fixing a serious mess up :(

castro wedding-1

castro wedding-3

castro wedding-5

castro wedding-6

This is Laura's daughter, Naomi, who was the flower girl :)

castro wedding-7

castro wedding-9

castro wedding-8

Almost every formal event we've gone to since getting married we have (slightly intentionally unintentionally) matched. Oh just wait til we have kids... ha!

Anyways, congratulations to Danny and Laura aka Mr and Mrs Castro! I love you and am so very happy for you :)


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Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub September 29, 2010 at 1:16 PM  

You looked gee-or-gous! And I love, love, love your hair!


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