Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i miss my baker today

Once upon a friday night, Steve and I set out to make our more favoritest cookies in the whole wide world, we call them "backwards chocolate chip cookies"

They're cocoa cookies with white chocolate chips and a recipe I invented one day... soooo delish! But, the point of this post is that it just so happened that I was mixing up the batter and he offered to do the baking. I couldn't have been happier (albeit slightly skeptical). Since my baking abilities are rather, well, hap-hazard... I think it's because I multi-task too much! I can whip up a mean batter, but if it flops in the oven, what good is it?

But it turns out, Steve has just the right attention span to be an excellent baker. So since then, we have a system. I make the batter, he bakes it. Perfection!

Today I wanted chocolate chip cookies though, and my baker is working studiously at his, well, job.


I did ok for myself though. Maybe because I only have enough energy to do like, 3 things at a time ;)


Today cookies, tomorrow the house! (cleaning it that is ;)


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