Tuesday, November 22, 2011

baby girl's shower!

Last weekend was my first baby shower and it was at my Mom and Dad's house. Everything was sooooo beautiful and just perfectly appropriate. We were so blessed with all the gifts and love that our baby girl received :) It's amazing how much a baby can be loved even before anyone can see her!

I took some pictures before everyone arrived, and after that, I didn't. Ha! I'm not much into taking pictures when I could be enjoying people really... in fact, I'd rather enjoy the moments I'm in while I'm in them than take pictures of them... I didn't used to be like that, but I'm finding that to be true more and more lately. I kinda need to find a better balance ;)


deco 2


I'm not actually using Winnie the Pooh as a theme... contrary to what you might think :) But it was a perfect theme for the shower. Steve's and my favorite growing up was always Pooh... I think him more than me even (hehe)

The clothes hanging on the clothes line my mother-in-law collected here and there for the shower and everything hanging together looked so cute!

There's also 1 cloth diaper hanging there, and that is because we are planning on cloth diapering. If you look closely, you can see in one of the pictures above that Pooh is actually wearing one of the diapers ;) If this blog were still public, I know I'd probably get some questions about that, but I'm figuring pretty much noone reads now. However, if you DO read and you want to know anything about cloth diapering, just let me know!


bee hive

My mom and I made the bee hive and the hunny pot out of paper mache and the bees were just some little pom poms and wire. I loved them so much I want to eat them. OK, maybe that's a little extreme... but I'm kinda a little out of control.


hunny pot

Like I already said, it was a beautiful shower... I was very blessed by everyone there, and even some that weren't there! This past Sunday I had another shower given by my church... I just can't say enough how grateful I am to have such loving and wonderful people in my life! (I have no pictures of the church shower because I didn't take my camera... but if I get some from others I'll probably put a few up :)


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