Thursday, December 1, 2011

baby blanket

At the beginning of my pregnancy, a friend of mine told me to journal. I am a random and sporadic journaler... not one to really write out all my feelings. Somehow I feel that thinking my thoughts, thoughtfully, is more effective than writing them down. Problem is, I tend to forget those thoughts.

So I thought to myself, why don't you want to write these things down? Well, because in the beginning it was pretty darn depressing to write down what was going on. And not only that, but my place of choice to "journal" is here on this blog... and not on paper. Knowing that certain people would see what I was going through kept me away as I didn't want to cause any more pain than I already had.

Sounds a bit silly, but it all made sense to me. Anyways, I am loving the new-found freedom in knowing that no one I don't approve can read this. I feel at liberty to express myself without fear of judgment.

Today I finished up another project I've been working on. There are so many! But I am determined to get them all done in time for this baby's arrival. In fact, I've determined to get it all done before CHRISTMAS!



This is the blanket I've been working on, finally complete. I had looked around at different baby bedding but didn't find anything that stood out to me as being what I was really looking for. And since the quilts that tend to come in the bed sets for babies seem to be pretty impractical, I decided to make my own. Not without help though... I have connections ;)

So I put my list of things I would like to make together and set out to find the right fabric and patterns. I found exactly what I wanted, and so far Molly has helped me to make a crib bumper as well as start on the crib skirt. We're finishing that up as well as a hamper liner and some other random things next week. The blanket though is my major accomplishment... I can't believe I actually knew enough about sewing to do it!

It's very light. In fact, I have one just like it my mom made me a few years ago and that's where I got the inspiration for it. It's the patterned fabric on one side and flannel on the other.

So, I am very proud. Makes me wonder if I will start sewing more... umm, maybe ;) if I have time... lol.


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