Wednesday, October 24, 2007

does God play poker?

The other day I was sitting around thinking to myself... self, what should you do with your life. I am pleased to report that I am no closer to the answer now as I was then. However, I did find that in times like this, it helps to expel my thoughts on paper... or in this case, the keyboard. Typing is easier anyways... and faster.

How many times have i begun to take stock in what i have accomplished (or not yet accomplished) and become overwhelmingly depressed? Sorry, don't answer that question... the answer is "too many." I need to simplify the thoughts i have about my life and refocus. Truly, my purpose lies in God's hands, and often i wish that he would tip it to me and let me peek at what we have to work with. It occurs to me however, that playing poker with God is not the smartest idea. I've heard it said that God never plays dice... dice is a game of chance, poker though, is not. To be a good poker player you have to know how to read people... that's basically the whole game. It makes sense to me that the almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth knows his creation inside and out, foward and backward... so why would i play poker with him when he so clearly has the advantage? I'm not.

Instead, what if I were to give my cards over to him... and just watch. In high stake poker tournaments, often a player will be sponsored into the game by a wealthy (albeit not so good at poker) benefactor. The pro goes into the game with someone else's money and what he or she wins is split between him or herself and the sponsor. In applying this to God and me, I would say though that God would not only win the poker tournament (aka my life) but also GURANTEE my winnings. All i have to do is give up my hand...

Something to think about for sure.

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