Saturday, October 27, 2007

stalk me

For all you e-stalkers out there, this is for you.

I know how you think because i happen to be one myself... I have not gone to the point of following people in real life, however, last night i came dangerously close to having to admit otherwise.

After a lovely evening at rochester's most upscale movie theatre (aka Movies 10 aka the dollar theatre) watching "no reservations" my dear friend alicia and i decided to cap off the night of elegance with a quick stop at none other than McDonalds. For those of you familiar with Rochester, there are quite a few mickey d's around, but in my experience, the one on hylan drive in henrietta has them all topped. They have attempted to do what not many other mcdonalds have done before. They have these cutsie high tables and chairs to match the height, and even a little section with a love seat and a couple posh chairs. At any rate, that is the sole reason I picked that particular mcdonalds last night, yay for effective decorating. We each got a mcflurry and proceeded over to one of the oh so "starbucksesque" high tables. After a few minutes, a police officer walked in and ordered his late dinner. Now, for the record, this was not just any police officer... turns out he is US army military police... and he was, ahem, good looking. I'll just leave it at that. OH SNAP! This is where it gets crazy. When it comes to this kind of thing, I am all talk and no game. I would never approach a guy without any kind of reciprocated action beforehand. This is not the case with Alicia. We discussed to great length the different approaches she could take to initiate conversation, however, my main goal was not to carry anything out in reality, but to get a good laugh out of it. As we progressed, I realized that she was dead serious about talking to this guy. So when he finally got up to leave, guess who else got up to leave. That would be us.

The story now continues from the inside of my car where I say we will follow him, with the underlying clause on my end "as long as he is going the way we are going." This lapse of communication between the two of us was almost enough to make me completely pass out from embarassment, because had she been driving, we would have followed him to syracuse and back. Yes, last night I almost stalked a police officer.

It all makes for a funny story, but i realized a few things about myself in the process. I am not as outgoing as I would like to think. I am also unable to throw caution to the wind as easily as I used to... but i realize that is not necessarily a bad thing. I have done it too many times and seen it go terribly wrong. So my conclusion is that while it is fun to talk about, real life stalking is just not cool on any level.

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Debbie October 29, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

i canNOT believe this was a YEAR ago! that's amazing! time DOES fly... whether you're having fun or NOT!

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