Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sophie and the fishies

Sophie joined our family a year and a half ago. She has brought so much life into our home. She has one of the most distinctive cat personalities I’ve ever come across. She has a mind of her own (of course, they all do) and she rules over all. Our other kitty, Carina, should have dominated as the alpha cat with the passing of our beloved Scamper. However, as she mourned in the wake of losing her grandmother and then Scampy, she was left ineligible for the “alpha cat” position when it was commandeered by the Sophinator.

Shortly after Soph joined us here, she found the fish tank. It’s a 45 gallon tank with two ENORMOUS gold fish, a pleco, a mini shark-like thing and other fish that come and readily die. She would sit beneath this tank and “talk” to the fishies for HOURS. Literally. Hours. A. Day.

If anyone happens to pass by as she is keeping watch at the tank, she will promptly begin circling your feet while purr meowing. This is her way of saying she would like to take a drink out of the fish tank. If we let her, she would probably drink out of the tank for a few minutes straight, but I usually get bored with it quickly, so she only gets about 30 seconds.

However, in the morning, she has developed a routine with my dad. They feed the fishies together. And if they don’t, that cat will meow and meow and run back and forth between the kitchen and the fish tank until someone comes in and feeds those dang fish. She takes very good care of them. Apparently she doesn’t know they could be her dinner.

A docile cat indeed.

no, far from it.

I have determined that a cat’s outrageousness (especially this one) is directly proportional to their owner’s insanity…although it could have something to do with all the fish water she drinks.

2 extraordinary comments:

Alistar April 16, 2008 at 7:24 AM  

aw.... so cute SOPHERS!

Melissa April 16, 2008 at 12:55 PM  

i want a kitty!

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