Monday, May 10, 2010

cake tasting, yes please

A few months ago I got a lead for photos, which in turn lead to the discovery of my baker for my wedding {JMC Custom Cakes}... which btw is in 12 days.

I'm just a little excited. Only a little... hehe :D

This past weekend we picked up a goodie box from Jen with 4 different flavors of cake in it... and since she was baking a different kind when we stopped by, she threw in a 5th flavor. Which consequently, we loved and ended up vetoing one of our previously thought "definite" choices for.

JMC Custom Cakes

Such tasty little treats these were. From left to right, top to bottom the flavors were:
{lemon pound with strawberry jam and fresh strawberry filling}
{sugar cookie cake with chocolate mousse filling}
{chocolate pound with peanut butter filling}
{chocolate pound with vanilla buttercream}

and not shown is key lime with strawberry filling... the only way I can describe this cake was that it had the texture of a fudgey brownie, but the tart flavor of key lime with just the right amount of sweet from the strawberries. Sooooo de-lish!

I cannot wait for the wedding to get here :) I'm done saying I want to enjoy the time not wish it away, let's get on with it already! and I can't wait to enjoy the fabulous cake and other food we will have.

yummmmmmmmmmmmm :)


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Goldylocks aka Erin May 11, 2010 at 8:44 AM  

Wow...ALL of them sound so yummy....and they are pretty too! I can't imagine how beautiful your cake will be!

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