Saturday, May 8, 2010

for the love of color

For Christmas a few years ago I received a pair of adidas St. Tropez bright orange sneakers from my brother Dan. I looooooooooove them. Not just because they are orange but because I had wanted adidas sneakers like this since I was 9. No joke.

orange shoes

And because they are good quality, they have retained wearability, but the color has grown dingy with time... I have mourned this fact, wanting the brightness they once exuded when they were new from the box. But they have been well-loved... and even taken a trip to Mexico with me. Which is where this pic was taken.

Anyways, they've grown quite old looking and I still wear them, but I wished for another similar pair to wear when I wanted nicer looking sneeks.

pink shoes

I found these at Old Navy of all places... for a grand total of $15. Perfect! They are not as comfortable, or near as good of quality as my trusty rusty adidas ones, but they satisfy my need and love for color :)


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