Saturday, June 19, 2010

another wedding weekend

Two years ago if you had told me that in one year I would

#1 - be a wedding photographer

I would have been thrown into a panicked maniacal frenzy and broken down from just the very thought of it


#2 that in two years I would be married

I would have downright laughed in your face!

But wouldn't you know, both are true. I love shooting weddings, and I love my husband even more (one would hope ;)

This weekend we travelled down to Maryland to attend Mike and Aiyana's wedding. Steve was a groomsmen and I was finally a guest!

It was so great to enjoy the wedding from a guest point of view, but since becoming an actual wedding photographer (and now even being married) I definitely saw it through different eyes. I noticed a lot more details that I ever remember noticing when I had just been attending the wedding... and I got to take pictures with no pressure :)

And it was also really nice being able to see Steve all dressed up again :) I think I almost enjoyed how nice he looked today even more than I did on our wedding day :)

me and steve

More pictures from the wedding will be forthcoming... along with the rest of my May and then June weddings! I have a lot of work to do this week *yikes!*


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