Monday, May 9, 2011

pocket camera

There was a time where in which I did not feel the need to edit that I took. I still have that in me, but usually don't end up letting myself. Today though, I decided that I need to find my battery charger for my little camera and start carrying it around with me... and while thinking about that I decided to look back through the pictures I still have on the computer from before I started using my dslr. Some awesome memories! I don't even care that they are not like super fantastical awesome piccies, they're memories and I am loving how it's like yesterday when I look at them :)


Used to be that alicia and i would have regular photo fests taking dozens of pictures of the two of us at a time... a couple months would go by and we realized we hadn't taken pics in a while and took more... so there's a lot of those ;)


taken while sleeping... yep.


Andy :) my little buddy!


My version of how to use an exercise ball... ;)


layin in the grass watchin contraband movies on Alicia's computer...



Man, my teeth were yellow! I've noticed this in so many pictures, eww! lol, I don't think they're that yellow now... at least I hope


we were on our way to a family reunion...


and then wasting time... I've never been good at making faces at the camera other than my classic wide open mouth crazy smile face... maybe I should stick with that.


Again with the teeth! but I had to chop my hair off here, it was a long story of hair falling out sadness :(


corn maize!


candlelight service on Christmas Eve... and bein goofy ;)


Waiting for santa... I was good, don't I look it?

andy and me

and one more of Andy :)


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