Friday, April 29, 2011

Amanda goes to Washington

and Baltimore too as it turns out.

I actually frequent this part of the country with all the family in Maryland, but this trip was unrelated to visiting family. The lady that I babysit for regularly was participating in some conferences in Baltimore as well as DC and she had me come with her to help out with munchy-poo Robbie while she was unavailable.


So in an attempt to have as much fun as possible (which is always on my agenda) I met up with my oldest brother Rob, my sissy-in-law Dyan and two of my nephews, Robbie and Nick. We went to the national aquarium at the Inner Harbor on Saturday afternoon.


I was so amazed. Like seriously. I couldn't believe how cool this place was. Very much worth the ridiculous ticket prices. And since munchy-poo got along with Big Rob so well I really did enjoy it and wasn't making silly noises pointing to "fishy" the whole time... lol.



I was very very close to leaving my camera at the hotel because it's just a lot of extra weight to carry... esp since they didn't allow strollers in the aquarium... but I am so glad I took it along! I feel like I never take pictures anymore. and I always kick myself for it.







Being with the jellies I really felt like it was in a sci-fi movie. The blue picture of the jellies is sooc, nothing at all... crazy right?

Well, on Sunday we headed to DC and checked into our hotel mid morning. When Wendy's conference ended that afternoon we decided to trek it on over to the monuments and check out the Cherry Blossoms which I mentioned before I have not been able to make it to see during festival time.


Earlier on in the day they had some kite festival... and by the time we made it down there weren't many still flying... and because I didn't care to not blow out the sky, you can't actually see any of them flying. But they're there.



I think Robbie enjoyed the blossoms as much as we did ;) So nice to see a little one love nature.


And then there's me. Who loves nature, DC, turtles, lots of colors, my husby, venetian blinds and light bulbs in my laundry room.



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