Tuesday, August 23, 2011

well hello baby

getting ready to see baby 8-22-11

This morning we got up bright and early to get ready to see our baby! Today I am in week 18 and definitely starting to show. It's pretty obvious now (at least I think) and I'm more than happy to be sporting a bump now rather than just an extra large looking stomach ;)

baby bump 8-22-11 18w4d

A good friend of mine lent me some maternity clothes yesterday for which I am so thankful! I have bought a couple things myself, but I am not generally one to buy clothes anyways and maternity clothes can be so expensive! So I've been picky on what I've gotten. But it's gotten to the point where my wardrobe is pretty limited, and I am busting out of almost all my regular clothes... yikes!

baby 18w4d

We were so excited to see our little bambino this morning! What a cool gift to get to see it all moving around and happy in it's little cocoon! We were also hoping to see if it was a boy or girl during this ultrasound, but baby just did not cooperate, not even enough of a look for a guess. Crazy huh? But I can't say I was all that surprised, I kinda thought that might happen. I was just so happy to see it happy and healthy ;) And we even got to see a little yawn! SOOOOO unbelievably cute! Absolutely melted my heart ;)


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