Saturday, March 22, 2008

Go Karts!

Friday afternoon Rob, Robbie, Raelynn, Nick and I went to the go karts. It was a ton of fun!

Nick is still too short to ride by himself, so he had to go double, but I honestly don't think that made it any less exciting for him...

attempting to take pictures while driving is usually quite dangerous... but when you're in a go kart, all is fair game. I'm not sure how many times we hit the side rail while i was trying to take pictures but it really didn't matter... hey this kind of reminds me of my theory about driving... that there should be a government program set up to teach stupid people how to drive better. and that there would be designated "teachers" and those teacher people would have liberty to hit other cars when they do stupid things. HAHAHA! that would be really bad, but it's hilarious to think about.

and here's a couple shots of all of us together

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