Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top Ten Most Awkward Ways to Say I Love You

Alicia and I were babysitting late last night (like they didn't get back til 2am) and after arriving home engaged in a conversation resulting in the title of this post. Since we were taught in sunday school to love our neighbors, we came up with just a few ways to do that. It doesn't need a lot of explaining, so i'll just dive right in.

10) when someone says "i love you" look at them and wait an awkward 2 or 3 seconds before responding with, "ooookay..."

9) walk up to one of those survey people at the mall and after you're done talking, insert a genuine "i love you," as you walk away.

8) when your mail person drops off your mail greet them personally and as you take your mail, say "thanks, i love you."

7) on an airplane wait for your seat mate to go to the bathroom. follow them and "accidentally" try to open the bathroom door. after the flight attendant kindly tells you that you need to wait your turn, shrug and say something to the effect that you didn't realize it was locked. then, wait for them to come out. upon exiting the bathroom tell them you love them, and are glad you get to sit next to them.

6) tell someone "i love you" and when they respond with "i love you, too," look at them like you have NO idea why they said that.

5) when someone says "i love you" immediately respond with, "no you don't!" ... or "you do?"

4) tell someone "i love you" when they are on the toilet from outside the door, and then walk away quickly.

3) while sitting in the laundromat, scope out the most introverted person there and sit down next to them. do not make eye contact with them and as you are reading your book/magazine insert an audible "i love you" loud enough for them to hear. when they don't respond, simply ask, "did you hear me?"

2) send a casual greeting card to someone you don't know very well and at the end sign, "i hope we can get past this awkward phase of casual friendship... i love you."

1) in a public restroom, make camp until someone comes in and occupies the stall next to you. after they are settled, say "i love you." then when a deafening silence moves in, clarify that you meant you love them.

does this picture make you feel awkward?

3 extraordinary comments:

Melissa March 30, 2008 at 2:26 PM  

I love you....

you just don't know how much.

Thanks for the laugh. And now my coworkers are staring at me like i'm nuts.

Alistar March 30, 2008 at 11:19 PM  

wow.... i even felt awkward making this! muhahahahaha. Now it is time to put your money where your mouth is and try out at least ONE of these! My choice is for you to try the airport/flight attendant one on our way to Mexico! And ps: make sure that your seatmate is MIKE! Lol

G. March 31, 2008 at 11:10 AM  

I'm still laughing. Funny stuff happens when you're sleep deprived.
I love you. ;)

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