Sunday, May 25, 2008

a detailed account

I am so excited to finally be writing down all the events of the last four days. I can't imagine anything that could have made this weekend more amazing! I've only had a few of my friends get married so far... but this was the first time I actually got to be a part of it :) I spent from Thursday all the way until today staying at her house with the other bridemaids and Beka. I had never thought about having everyone be together the few days before the wedding, but when I get married I will do that for sure. It was such an great opportunity for us to get to know eachother (better or for the first time :) and just so much FUN!

So in this post I wanted to outline all of the things that happened... prepare for a multitudinous amount of pictures... (you can let me know how impressed you are that i used that word later ha!)

Thursday -

In the morning, I drove out to her house to drop off the cake and paraphernalia. Then later after I was done with work, I met everyone at Color Me Mine where we painted pottery as her gift to us. It was a lot of fun. I painted a frame which i'll post once I actually get it back.

After we were done with that we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory where we ate. If you have never been there, let me be the one to tell you that it is simply fabuloso. It was indeed pretty pricey, however, worth every penny. And the ambiance was so great. The whole thing, mmm... yah. I had the 5 cheese pasta and avocado eggrolls and then topped it off with lemoncello cheesecake torte... HEAVEN

This picture is pretty much all i have from Thursday night. I wasn't in a picture taking mood. This was too funny not to post although highly unflattering. Anyways, basically what happened here was that I was attempting to take a self-portrait with my little Elph and it wasn't focusing right, so I was about to give up when all of a sudded BAM! It took the picture! and this was the end result.

The greatest part is the red infectious looking blob in the corner of my eye. None of us could figure out what in the world that was because in real life my eye didn't look like that at all. All i can figure was that it was some renegade eye liner and in the dim light we couldn't see it but the flash enhanced it's lovely qualities *grin*

Then we went to Daisy Dukes... the plan was to ride the mechanical bull and do some good ole fashioned line dancing but alas our plans were spoiled when we arrived to find out that there was none of that going on :( Instead it was just like a regular club night, which isn't so much my scene but it was nice to be out with everyone.

Tom and I got to try our hand at our MAD orienteering skillz when one of the cars got lost in downtown. I barely know my way around the city, so after 10 minutes of futile trying to give directions we got into my car and went to find them and then made our way back to everyone else. In the process i may or may not have ran a red light. Not like a yellow to red type deal. This was the real deal... like full on RED LIGHT. Tom's all like, "uh... yah... ok you're not stopping... wow yah i can't believe you just did that." and me being that moron that I am was like, "did what?" oh my gosh. It's times like that I lose my cockiness as a "good driver" and get firmly sent to my corner. I wouldn't suggest doing that normally.

We got home around 2:30 or so and pretty much went straight to bed.

Friday -

Got up about 8:30 and started working on the cakes. Thank goodness Kendra was able to help me (she's one of the bridesmaids and Beka's sis-in-law). I mean I could have spent like 4 or 5 hours on those things but we were done in about 2 or so. And they turned out splendiforous :) you'll see the pics down a ways :) and the recipe will be in a postceeding (is that a word) post.

Friday afternoon we went to the salon and got our nails done. I actually let my nails grow for about 2 weeks prior and none of them had broken! So my nails for the first time in my LIFE looked really great... and they were real! that was the best part. I can't handle acrylics, i just peel them off... and that hurts ha!

After all that was the rehearsal and dinner which was awesome. I had prime rib and it was oh so tasty...

Crashing occurred about 11 or so that night.

Saturday (THE DAY!) -

I got my hair done and was back to the church by 10. The other girls showed up about 15 minutes later and the getting ready officially began!

Lip exfoliating is always a must! From left to right in this pic is Megan, Kendra, Beka, Me.

My hair turned out so amazingly well... this is the kind of hair do i've had in my mind literally for years and had never had the opportunity to do until now! I ended up using a hair piece on the side to get all the extra hair in the bun type thing goin on there. Just this morning Beka came in my room and saw the piece laying on the dresser and was like "what in the world IS this?!" and then looked at me like, "whoa! was this in your hair? that's AWESOME!" i found it pretty humorous :)

We (meaning the bridesmaids) were all ready by 12:30 and headed down for pictures with the guys. Then we came back to help Beka get dressed.

I didn't really have a whole lot of picture taking time... that's what the photographer is for! but i managed to capture a few shots, this being one of them.

Then it was time... By the time we lined up to walk down the aisle, I was barely holding it together. I didn't think I was going to make it down without crying and i was trying so hard not to that my lips started shaking because I was trying to keep a smile on my face HA! But i did it. And then when Beka came down I didn't bust out bawling, but i had tears just flowing freely at that point. I managed to control it so that I didn't look like a crazy person up there sobbing my eyes out... but what can i say? I don't know if i'll ever be able to get married... i don't know if i'll be able to make it through without turning into a puddle... i'll have to work on that *smile*

After the ceremony it was picture time!

I don't actually have any of the formal ones, just these that my mom managed to take from a distance. I will eventually have the pictures that the photographer took but that will be a couple weeks. So yah, those went well and i'm hoping there are some good ones.

I happen to love this shot LOL! It says it all ha!

Just two hours after the ceremony began we were actually at the reception hall. Dinner was amazing, but I was really more excited about eating the cake than anything :)

Since I wasn't able to go over the day of the wedding and finish setting out the cakes, two of Beka's friends in for the wedding did it for me. They did a phenominal job and I was completely blown away with the way they looked when we got there. The flowers here were the bouquets we all had that got set on the cake table.

Now for the actual cake pictures. I was lucky I was able to get any shots. I was afraid that I wasn't going to get a chance to get over there and take these, but alas, I did!

And then we ate the cake... and it was goooood...

We danced the night away until about 11 or so... SO MUCH FUN!!! In all honesty this was the most fun wedding I have ever been to! And thanks to Beka's laid back approach to everything we had NO wedding day disasters :) it was really amazing.

This morning Beka and Jared came back to the house and opened their presents. Beka is starting school on Tuesday and so they are going to be going on their real honeymoon in July... It was so nice to have them around today. Sometimes that day after the wedding can be such a downer for the family and friends, but it was so nice and relaxed and good to have another day to be with them...

Well it's late and tomorrow is my yard sale to raise money for my missions trip to Mexico this summer! I'm going to bed and hoping to recover some of the sleep i lost this weekend (all for a good cause though!)


3 extraordinary comments:

American Mum May 26, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

Wow! The cake looked great and you looked beautiful! Sounds like a good weekend. I love weddings.

Smiling Sal :) May 27, 2008 at 9:50 AM  

Wow, it all sounded so beautiful and wonderful!! You did an awesome job on those cakes - they are beautiful!! Job well done!!! Wedding are a wonderful time!! I love them!!! I love the idea of the bride and groom opening the gifts the next day with family - it makes the event last a bit longer and it's more fun!!

Melissa May 29, 2008 at 9:34 AM  

The cakes look amazing. So does your hair, and the dresses are so pretty!!! :-D

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