Thursday, May 29, 2008

still at the beach

That's right, I'm still livin it up at the beach... err at least my fingers are. HA! Anyways, after I painted them such a lovely color of beach sandyness I really wanted the french tip look.

So after I got home from work I walked down the street to the local nail salon and went in to see if she would airbrush them for me. I thought this would be cheaper than getting a whole manicure, and sure enough... it was! In fact, it was free... she did it by hand though, and I much prefer airbrush. But I'm not complaining because she did a better job than I can do and it was FREE. She said that if I wanted to do it again she would airbrush it for me and it would be $5!

I'm totally stoked. I usually cut my nails off regularly and don't let them get too long but I let them grow for the wedding and they are behaving so nicely that i've left them alone.

Anyways, I find it amusing that I now have another post to file under the "nails" category. Who woulda thought it'd such a popular category...


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