Friday, October 24, 2008

one year bloggie birthday

Today marks the day of my one year blogging life.

I have had more fun with this silly little blog over the last year than I could have ever imagined!

I've made new friends and been able to connect with people I've always known but not really known :)

Anyways, before I left to pick andy up from preschool this morning, I actually had something exciting to write here. I thought to myself, "self, you should at least write a few words so you don't forget what it was you were going to write." and my other self said, "noooooooooo, that's silly. You don't need to write it down! of course you will remember what it was. You do after all have a mind like a steel trap (with a lot of holes in it)"

Of course I forgot what it was. And I was hoping that by sitting here long enough, typing about how I don't remember it... that I would remember. But I don't. So I decided instead to make this post pretty much as boring as possible. If you're still reading by this point... I seriously owe you a hug. You must really love me haha!

Anyways, these pictures below are to represent "BB" and "AB" Before blogging, and after blogging. Not much difference, and I feel really lame-O posting this entire post but haha this is my blog and I can do whatever i want!

Me about 3 months before blogging ever occurred to me.

- 5'6"
- hazel eyes
- long, almost blonde hair
- single (in the midst of emotional turmoil over an unnamed member of the opposite gender)
- at my lowest adult weight
- two whole and intact eyebrows
- yellow teeth (gross)

Me after 51 weeks of blogging.

- 5'6" still
- hazel eyes still
- short, totally blonde hair
- single (no longerin the midst of emotional turmoil over an unnamed member of the opposite gender)
- still at my lowest adult weight (woohoo!)
- one whole and intact eyebrow (the right one decided to go rogue and with the aid of some well meaning tweezers went on a vacation, it's decided to take it's time coming back...)
- slightly whiter teeth as a result of Crest whitestrips (yay!)

Hopefully I was able to salvage this post to some degree. I've come a long way in a year and i keep looking back SO glad that I started this blog. It has been a lot of fun and I thoroughly intend to continue this blogging fun :)

Post from one year ago today: does God play poker? aka MY FIRST POST EVER!


5 extraordinary comments:

Melissa October 24, 2008 at 2:29 PM  

I read the whole post.

word for word.

are you proud?

Do I get a hug?

Lex the mom October 24, 2008 at 3:38 PM  

Happy Bloggy Birthday! A year looks good on you! ;) Hopefully, the years to come will fare even better! I have a feeling they will.

It's amazing what a year of blogging can do for someone. Whoohoo!

Alistar October 25, 2008 at 9:30 PM  

wow this is completely ridiculous... your changes can NOT be completely attributed to blogging lol

Michelle October 26, 2008 at 10:57 PM  

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

I'm glad your eyes are still hazel, because that would be freaky if those changed!!!

BTW - my signature is still not working????

Tracy October 27, 2008 at 3:21 PM  

Happy Anniversary!!

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