Saturday, June 27, 2009

me (and raelynn) in DC

I'm so behind in posting these... I've had the pictures in a draft post here for quite some time, but I've lacked the creative energy to write what is to go along with them.

Last Friday I went to DC with my niece Raelynn...

Get ready to see a lot of these two faces...

cracker dispenser

As i was loading up the bikes, I said, "raelynn, go get some snacks." So she came back with a sleeve of ritz crackers and a container of peanut butter. The peanut butter melted almost immediately upon feeling the heat of the car, but the ritz were still good.

As we were stuck on NY ave waiting to get downtown, we took the opportunity to take some crazy pictures, and while many of them were of us unintentionally cleaning our teeth from the crackers, this one was entirely posed. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


The roof-top view of the bikes

trying to swallow

Raelynn has braces and we often joke about how she could store an entire meal in there... and instead of packing a lunch, she could just eat a little extra and pack it in there for snacks throughout the day. She pretends to be embarassed by this, but we are a sick family I tell ya and she really thinks it's hilarious :D

jefferson monument

We parked at the Jefferson tidal basin and got our bikes down to cruise around all the hot spots with what little time we had. We stopped first at the Jefferson Monument... which out of all the monuments is one of my favorites... i think it's cuz of the nice breeze that you always feel when you're standing in the center :)

jefferson pond

and then I also love doing this shot. I did it last time I was here a little over a year ago. Go see last year's and see how different I looked. crazy! I like my blonde hair better, even though you can't really see it here.

raelynn monument

love this kid...


After the Jefferson Monument, we rode over to Arlington. But when we got there, we were informed that we could not ride our bikes in the cemetery. Common sense shoulda told us that, but we also forgot the bike chain in my trunk UGH!

So we rode just in the entrance to take a water break... and this behind me is as close to the grounds as we got :(


It was mad hot that day... but it really didn't matter. I personally love being outside and sweating like crazy as long as I'm doing something I like and with people I love.

Gotta love the free advertising for State Farm here lol, that was totally unintentional ;)


Because we didn't have a bike chain, Raelynn was the only one to go into the Lincoln...

As she walked away with my almost $4000 worth of camera I started to panic slightly. She was so far away and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that when someone whips out that thing, it's worth a lot... But she made it back, consequently, so did the camera ;) And she took some great shots while up there.

reflection pool

I think this one is awesome. I've never had a shot of the reflection pool that i've liked as much.

Also, I'm in this picture somewhere... can you find me? (to see where I am, scroll down to the next pic)

wheres waldo

Yah, there's no way you can see me haha, but when i zoomed WAY in, it was pretty clear. you can't zoom in on this much though as it's pretty lo-res.

lincoln memorial

more bikes

We tried to use the lock to at least fasten the two wheels together and leave them for just a few minutes while we went in the memorial... but it didn't work, and they just ended up in a pile anyways. Meh, whatevs.


Here we were at the WWII memorial. I don't think that I'd been to this one before. There was a column for every state and US territory surrounding a pool where people would put their feet in.

awesome flare

I was loving the way the sun was here, so I tried to get some cool flare :)

toes in the WWII memorial water

sweet bokeh

This bokeh was amazing...

A few days later I went back into the city, but this time with a GPS... let me tell you. SO much easier haha. I've always just weaved my way in and out not really knowing where i was going, but figuring if i just kept heading "south" or "east" i would get there eventually :) It's always worked, but i saved some time with the GPS... that is when I actually did what it said...


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