Friday, July 17, 2009

cold days in July

mean different things for everyone. And for us New Yorkers, we find things to do. Even when July feels like late September (at the end of a very non Indian summer) ugh.

Things we like to do on cold days in July:


take pictures of cute little girls in bathing suits.


pick berries and eat them, along with a helping of grass and possibly some dirt.


take adventuresome walks in the woods...


And in case you're wondering where I got these cute children from, you can wander over to Andrea's blog. They all came over to visit on Sunday for some good ole after church picnicin' and a swim in the pool that was only opened one week ago. ONE WEEK AGO.

Where oh where has our summer gone :( This is why I'm moving to NC...

And in case any of y'all are wondering (i'm practicing to become a southerner) I have not decided whether or not to eat the hummus + mayo. that sounds pretty dang sick to me. I don't even know what my prize is! I'll tell ya what though, if I stinking eat hummus and mayo, it better be a good prize. Because gosh darn it! I deserve a medal after eating all this nastiness! ok, maybe not a medal... but I want more than a smiley face pencil eraser from the dentist's prize box...


2 extraordinary comments:

Kim July 21, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

Great pictures! What, it is cold there? Maybe you should just make the journey all the way south to FL, we are sweating our bums off here!

Sgt and Mrs Hub July 30, 2009 at 1:44 AM  

How did I miss this post?!

I just love those matching polka dotted swim suits that I bought for a whopping two bucks at a garage sale :)

We had such a wonderful afternoon with you guys. It meant a lot to be included in your laid back family time.


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