Sunday, July 12, 2009

food dare - day 9

Maybe this blog should be titled "quite possibly the worst picture of me (i've ever posted on the internet)" and that's after a wee bit of retouching... yikes.

Hey, what can I say? I'm not a proud girl... well, that's not true, I just mean I'm not too proud to show y'all that I'm real

I kinda got out of the food challenge ritual... but alas, I did indeed have two days left in the challenge. And while I thought it could not get worse than chocolate + hummus or apple juice and hummus... I was wrong.

As some form of punishment for being delinquent with the challenge for so many days, Jim decided to set before me not one mix-in but TWO.



This picture is reflective of my feelings about this particular combination.

The last day of my challenge has been reserved for something extra sick. I mean, sick in the worst way.

hummus + mayo.

If I complete the challenge however, I will officially be more of a man than Jim (since he wimped out of the cottage cheese + mayo challenge)... do I want to be a man? I think he's messing with my mind now...


1 extraordinary comments:

RhodeIsland Alissa August 1, 2009 at 2:24 AM  

oh my thats gross! hummus is good but not combined like that!! blahhh. hha

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