Tuesday, August 24, 2010

freakhogstupendousnessfest 2010

July 2009
phone call with my bff Alicia
pining away about going to the beach
a decision was made.

we were beach-bound:
North Carolina

as little as possible

Trip name:

Because we can


And we did. Here we are actually on Myrtle Beach in SC but most of the week was spent at a sandy campground in Wilmington, NC on Carolina Beach.

While we would love to be able to repeat trips to the beach every summer, that's just not realistic. So this year's fest looked a little different:


We decided to make a weekend trip down to Accord, NY near Poughkeepsie (because I'm sure noone, not even an upstater would know where Accord is) to visit our college friend Dave.

I drove first to Alicia's place of employment to pick her up... and while waiting for her to get done I did some recon.



But soon enough it was over and we headed back to the site to store section where she clocked out and we were headed on our way.


What's documentary of a wal-mart worker without pictures of said worker with random other workers?


This is the point I was not allowed to go past. So I stood outside the door with my very large camera and lens (which looks so much bigger with a lens hood on) and got stared at by the marties walking in.


still waiting to get on with freakhogstupendousnessfest 2010!!!


Another question: what's a road trip without appropriate window paint detailing the event?!

(word of caution: even though car window paint is made for *ahem* car windows it may still take hours to scrape it all off)






It's a long drive without a lot of places to stop... capiche?

Once we arrived at Dave's we toured his house and talked of making a bonfire... but to woods were too dry to do that. We reminisced about the *old* days and played dutch blitz until it was time for bed. The next day we went to church in Kingston and had a picnic after, returned home for another rousing game of blitz and then headed on our way home. It was a short trip, but great to be with good friends nonetheless.

In putting this post together, I felt it was appropriate to gather the other pictures we have taken over the past few years of our get-togethers...


This was our first trip to see eachother in Syracuse which is where Dave went to college at ESF. We were at a high school musical of the Sound of Music in this pic.


Among other things we did that weekend, this is possibly my favorite memory and most definitely my favorite picture of the trip. No explanation really needed, you'll either see the humor or you will not ;)

three of us

Then a few months later we had another splendiforousnessfest where we learned some ninja skills and trained my kitten to be an assassin (see below)




Most recently, we all got together back in October when Dave's brother got married and we travelled to Troy to photograph the wedding.

Good times...

So from now on, freakhogstupendousnessfest will refer to any one summer event had with Alicia. Any others may join but two will remain the same. I'm accepting applications for next summer where the plan is the Outer Banks in September!


2 extraordinary comments:

Alistar August 26, 2010 at 4:19 PM  

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha so classic.

Molly @ Star Cottage August 27, 2010 at 2:12 PM  

You make me laugh so hard. I am super glad you are my friend. Picture #7 almost made me pee my pants. Then the ninja picture came, and I lost it. You are so hilarious.

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