Tuesday, August 24, 2010

vacation summer 2010

Last year around the same time I met Steve, his family was going through a huge life change. His dad got laid off from his job of 20+ years but thankfully was able to find another job very similar to the one he was laid off from quickly. However, it was 5 hours away in Allentown, PA. His parents put the house up for sale and Dad moved to PA to live in essentially a bachelor pad so that Mom could stay here and sell the house.

Along with all those changes there was a death in the family, an engagement, marriage and various moves. Just a lot going on in the Robinson family... Consequently, as a result of new jobs, moves and all other factors weighing in, the Robinson family vacation was a little different than years past.

There is a small cabin set in the Adirondack mountains that Steve's family has travelled to every year since he was about 2. They missed the year his baby sister was born but other than that have been every year. And sadly this year we were missing some of the family, but we still managed to make it into a very memorable time.


Usually it's mom and dad robinson along, obviously, but since they couldn't make it we invited my mom and dad. And my daddy brought me flowies :) sunflowies :D


This is the view from the cabin looking down the short trail to the waterfront.


At the waterfront there is a little dock and some sand... so it's kind of a beach!



my Dad :)





Funny story. Steve forgot the charger to his electric razor... which we discovered on the first day up there as he was about half done shaving his head... lol. So he turned into a mountain man the rest of the week ;)


Another funny story. There were ducks everywhere and they came to visit often... in hopes of food obviously :P One day in particular though we didn't have any ducks around, so we went out in the rowboat looking for some. We found these guys and fed them some stale chips and bread.

Then on the way back we ran into a gaggle of little ducklings and as we fed them they followed us back all the way to our dock. They were literally eating out of my hand and long story short, I ended up catching one. I'm almost afraid to post the pictures of my duck catch and the consequential mama duck attacking me, but if I get enough comments saying you want to see how it went down, then I guess I'll have to oblige.


We rented a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens for the wedding I did at the end of July, but when picking the dates to have it accidentally got it a week early. Which was actually kind of nice because we both got a chance to play with it. I really loved using this lens and in all reality did not get as much use out of it at the wedding as I would like... but it was still a lot of fun and definitely on my wish list. This moss picture is one of the ones I took with it... along with the sunflower picture.


A fallen tree we saw on our rowboat ride to lure in some duckies...


and my face after capturing one of said ducks!

It was a fantastic vacation and I can't wait for next summer to do it all over but this time I hope everyone can be there together!


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Molly @ Star Cottage August 27, 2010 at 2:18 PM  

Beautiful VACA!
Post the duck pics ;)
And I love the moss! Yet another reason that I MUST get a macro lens ;)

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