Friday, February 4, 2011

4 birthdays in 2 days

Almost immediately after hitting "publish" on my last post I regretted it. I thought how I was going to be sad about something later or whatever and punched myself emotionally for being too "pollyanna-ish." But you know what? At that time, I was really that happy. It's nice to know sometimes when you're feeling down that there are still bright spots. Even in the middle of February.

But on to the main topic :)

January is a birthday laden month in our family. Normally, I post separate birthday posts for each kid and my mom... but this year I didn't remember... so then I just didn't. A bunch of us went to Maryland for these 4 birthdays all within about a week of eachother. What's funny is that there are 4 birthdays, but only 2 birthDATES. One of those dates happen to be shared because Robbie and Raelynn are twins, but the other date is shared by my mom and my youngest nephew Nick.

While down there I was able to visit with some friends who recently relocated from here to Alexandria. That was really great :) It kinda sucks when you realize just how much you missed someone after they're already gone... But at least I have lots of reasons to visit :)

Nick had a pool party for his birthday on Saturday... I was so sad to miss it and not have to put on my bathing suit at the end of January... thank you Amy and Brian for that lovely excuse! But I made it home just in time for cake ;)




And as if 1 cake in a day wasn't enough, later that evening we celebrated Mom's birthday with another one.


I was ready to take this picture of my mom with her cake... til they turned every light off in the room and it was already after dark... :( And then it was all right there and I scrambled to try and fix settings and I had no time to get a flash... so it is what it is!

I have a wonderful family and we all had a wonderful time together this weekend :)


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