Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy happy happy

Today I am finding myself very thankful. Though the weather is yuck-o and the wind is whipping about so crazily, I am feeling so happy and blessed. I have so much to be thankful for!

For example, sometimes I get down on myself for not being more of a "go-getter." I feel lazy and stagnant and then get depressed about it. I am frustrated that I don't do more photography (professionally at least) in the winter time. I tell myself that if I really was serious about running a business I would be more proactive about it. But you see, when I sit back and take in what I have, I realize I am so happy with my business! I have just the right amount of work and I feel that the people who come to me are really special. Not in a stalker type way, but in a way that makes me feel as though I can really connect with each individual to make their pictures special.

It truly amazes me when I look back at the wedding couples I have had the last 2 years. And to look at the couples I am working with for this coming year. As I met with previous clients this past fall and winter to finalize things from their weddings, I realized how blessed I am with such amazing people... people I would never know if it weren't for my business. Honestly, sometimes I feel my life is made so much richer by new people that I would go back and start this business all over again just to meet these people!

Other reasons I am thankful:

this beautiful baby boy I get to play with most of my week :)

my very loving husband who is not just loving but truly kind and the truest friend I have :)

friends to hang out with on snow days :)

I'm just in an extraordinarily good mood today and I thought I would share! When I'm really down in a couple weeks I'll have to come back and remind myself of this ;)


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