Friday, February 25, 2011

The Christmas Present 2010

I love my husband for so many reasons. One of them is for his gift-giving abilities. He has a knack for picking out very thoughtful, yet useful gifts.

On my birthday, and the day we started dating, he brought me an 8 gig memory card. I ran the gamut of a few emotions and thoughts before settling on the fact that had not been lost on me.

The last thing I expected was a gift (since we actually didn't cross the "will you go out with me" phase til later that evening). I sincerely did not expect anything. But he knew better than me, and apparently knew I needed a new card... which I have been so thankful for on so many occasions. He sees things like that, that I just don't see.

Last year on Valentine's Day he bought me an air popper for popcorn. Again, I cocked my head to one side and said, "thank you???" In my head only of course! But don't you know I love that air popper! I use it all the time. To me, a thoughtful gift that will be used, and something I wouldn't think to buy myself is a good one.

I wish I had the same gift-giving ability he has! Thankfully, he hasn't bought me a toilet brush or something like that :P But you see, that isn't really thoughtful, so why would that even cross his mind? Exactly... :)

At any rate, we both had a hard time at Christmas this year. I felt like married Christmas was different than engaged Christmas... now all our money is the same... so we had to speak with each other on what we could afford/we felt was appropriate. And to justify what he wanted to get me, he ended up telling me ahead of time so that we could make sure it fit in our financial status.

And oh did it ;)


The one on the left there. Yep, that's what he got me! A lovely match to my other monitor, 3 inches smaller, but such an awesome addition!

I thought it was excessive at first, but I have come to just love having the two monitors side by side. Instead of tabbing all over the place I can keep so much more open (much the the chagrin of my hard drive) But I really like having internet on one side, photoshop on the other... etc. It's so convenient :)

Anyways, here's the a great Christmas present! And as an aside, because my office was so messy and full of boxes, it took me like 6 weeks to be able to set it up. The two of us set out to clean this office/guest room a couple weeks ago, and now I have pictures to show! But that will be tomorrow ;)


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