Monday, December 15, 2008

frustrated... sort of

***warning: the following post is not going to be interpreted for people who don't know photo speak. i'm sorry, i'm just not in a mood to translate, besides, even if i did, it wouldn't really make it more interesting!***

I was using CS3 for a month on a trial version while I wait for CS4 to come to me... however, my trial ran out two days ago. And i've still not gotten the new version. Therefore I had to revert to using CS2 which is still on my computer... unfortunately, the bridge's default for opening raw is set to CS3... which means, quickly, that I can't open ANY OF MY RAW FILES on my computer!

I looked around for a good portion of the afternoon trying to find a solution... to no avail.

I have a whole lot of pictures that i've been preparing into some (what i think are) great Christmas posts. But without the software it's a pile of stupid numbers... err, or something.

Segue, looking on the bright side, it has forced allowed me to take some time off from this stuff. Thankfully I've caught up to a point where that is actually ok. And my last order went in this morning! The order where if you didn't order, then you ain't getting stuff from me for Christmas... yah.

Well, maybe you'll get a love note (ahem, alicia)


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american mum December 16, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

I think the 5D comes with its own raw converter, doesn't it? You can convert them to jpegs and then use cs2? Or, you can dl the trial Adobe lightroom. It takes a bit of getting used to, but be warned, when the trial runs out, you'll want to buy it.

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