Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sooooo not with it

I love, and when i say love i mean leerrrrrvve reading blogs. I am no longer obsessed with making my blog popular or writing fun and exciting stuff... if it happens it happens, and i have a lovely little blogging community that i'm quite happy with.

I've notice a trend though... these little etsy shops keep popping up everywhere. And I think they are GREAT. but i never seem to have time to go shopping around on these little guys. am i like totally out of the loop that I've never bought anything off one of these?

I was thinking that it may just be a really great way to get some Christmas presents this year... if it weren't 14 days from said day. oops. my bad. there i go again NOT thinking ahead. although, I did decide that for NEXT year, I will be on the ball with Christmas cards. I sent out a card when I was 21 I think... it was super cute, and I need to do it again. Especially seeing as how I made a whole boatload of cards for other people and took a whole boatload of fabulous pictures for OTHER PEOPLE. What about me?!?! Let's spread the love! haha

So I've already got it planned out... and my Christmas card will be in the works by September. Probably BEFORE. oh man, do i sound like i'm making new year's resolutions already? I despise NYR's (my abbreviation)

On a totally non-related note, I am sooooooooo SICK of the cold yuck weather already. I was editing a shoot from the summer today and yesterday (don't worry, i'm not that behind, it was taken intentionally for my purposes to be given as a Christmas present, so noone is missing them) and I realized how much i MISS the variety of shooting outdoors. I've got the whole shooting indoors thing down ok, but honestly, I'm getting bored. That's why being a photographer is a good job for me. I get bored easily and have to think of new things to satisfy my creative cravings. I need to be outside, i need water, heat, sun. All things that I do not have. and i know many of you sympathize with me. we should have like a winter support group or something. Seriously.

Please, tell me you don't want to be here RIGHT NOW.

Ahhh... well, whatev. I'll have to think of some way to keep myself from going crazy this winter. I don't know if you picked up on this if you were reading my blog last winter but i was BORED. Seriously, utterly, horribly BORED. I know for sure I won't be as bored this winter, but I gotta figure out what i'm gonna do with myself...

so as I started this post with my ramblings about etsy, i was thinking about starting an online store if i have as much time as I anticipate. Maybe start selling cards/storyboards as a completely separate entity from my photography business...

That would be a lotta fun...


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Melissa December 11, 2008 at 7:54 AM  

I'm so there. This year, more than any other year. EVER. I was NOT ready for winter. I actually felt like I got to enjoy the summer more this year, probably because of starting the photo biz. but, seriously, I hate this.

Lets go somewhere fun.

Anonymous December 11, 2008 at 9:05 AM  

Yes, but just think what beautiful pictures you are able to get when the snow is frozen on the trees and people are in their warm fuzzy sweaters, with neat scarfs and hats skating, and oh the options are endless!!! So sorry, I do love winter - it is oh so beautiful - I just don't care for the wind!!! :) I know you will just love this comment!!! :) :)

Anonymous December 15, 2008 at 2:18 AM  

Love, LOVE Etsy. There are some amazingly talented people on there. I would buy everything there if I had the time. I would have started earlier... but the economy hates me. I get paid the 19th... that's when my Christmas shopping will begin (and end because I don't make much). Heh

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