Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's official... I am one of those non-blogger bloggers. You know, the ones you label as "friends who have blogs but never blog" in your reader... (well at least I have one of those labels, you don't?) I'm one of them! And I am not a happy camper. Where has all the mojo gone???

Also, this is one of my pet peeves, people who blog about how they never blog. Yep, I'm actually annoying myself right now by writing this. But who cares, if you didn't, you wouldn't be reading this... errr, I think.

Anyways, I think I will do a little catch up on here in bullet form.

- In January we started looking for a house... one to buy, not rent.

- We bought one.

- We're moving this weekend!

- I'm still babysitting part time.

- I almost never take pictures lately. Ugh... maybe because I hate sitting at my computer. I really think this is a valid point... my computer is in my most hated room of my apartment... and since most of the time I've lived here I've had to climb over boxes to get to it, I am just in no mood to take pictures I will feel guilty about letting sit in my camera.

- When we move, I will have a new office, all big and bright and just mine :) I can't wait!

- Last weekend I went to Baltimore and DC with the lady I babysit for. I watched the baby while she was at conferences and meetings. It was an adventure for sure and we did lots of fun things. Like, the aquarium at the inner harbor and also was able to make it to the tidal basin where the cherry trees are... AND the fact that it was actually cherry blossom festival time was like, a miracle. I've been going down there almost my whole life, wishing, hoping, waiting for the trip that would land during that time... but alas, it's always the week before or the week after.

- I actually DID take pictures of the weekend. Since I'm supposed to be packing and not blogging I only took time to pull one of them... but a goal for next week will be to do a few more so I can show off the super sweet aquarium... I dragged my camera along though I was *this* close to leaving it... I'm such an oxymoron!

cherry blossom

- Yesterday I took two boxes into the kitchen thinking that would be enough to empty the cupboards of food. It took six. I am just amazed at how much stuff I have... and I really thought I did a good job of minimizing over the last year... just think if I hadn't.

- I tried playing pandora on my computer but the dang speakers weren't working properly. However I plugged them into my phone and they played just fine... so I'm wasting my battery by playing pandora on my phone while I sit in front of the computer...

- Oh! A couple months ago I set out to make some changes around here with our food. I wanted to cook a lot more than I was, because a) it's cheaper to cook and b) it's easier to control what's in your food if you cook it. And I have been loving this new adventure. I thought I did a pretty good job at cooking before, but now I feel like I'm doing a lot better. I meal plan a month in advance and buy everything besides perishables at the beginning of the month. This way I can budget more effectively... and this is all thanks to my friend Erin. She turned me on to this and I'm so glad!

- I've had some really amazing personal revelation lately... I haven't had so much direction in my life like pretty much ever. I am just blown away by a few things that have fallen into place and how it was that I hadn't ever seen it before!

- We're planning a bunch of traveling this summer, the next trip is to visit the inlaws in PA and our friends in MD. I'm very excited to see all of them, it's been quite awhile now.

I think that's all I have for now... til next time... and hopefully that doesn't mean in like 2 months lol


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