Tuesday, April 19, 2011

on buying a house

What would the house buying experience be if there wasn't a crazy story to go with it? I mean, for awhile things were going so smoothly that I was afraid we might make it through without a hitch and when the conversation started round the dinner table I might be met with blank stares as I explained, "well, when we bought our house, there were no problems. it was easy peasy. everything went as planned."

Well let me tell you how relieved I am to know that will never happen to me! I was starting to get worried...

When we wrote up the purchase offer agreement, it was stated that the closing date would be on or before April 18th. Now, although this is a nebulous date (moreorless) we were still told that it was ok to plan around it... and hopefully things would just fall into place.

Common problems not allowing us to close by then would most likely involve the bank, or some unfinished paperwork. So we decided to move out of our apartment on Sunday April 17 and stay overnight at my mom and dad's, close sometime Monday the 18th and then move in then and the next day.

On Sunday evening we went to the house for the final walkthrough... and found that the sellers had taken pre-posession of the house they are buying and were still in the process of moving out of our house but had no plans to close the next day.

At this point, we live in a U-haul.

Apparently, closing on the 18th wasn't convenient for them.

It's more convenient for them to have posession of both houses while they take their time to move.

So it's Tuesday night and we still have not closed.

The bank is ready. The lawyers are ready. We are ready. But the sellers, well, they're not.

What a great story right? I know, that's what I was thinking too ;)

Here's to hoping this all gets sorted out in the morning :) and I will have to dig out my camera from the bottom of my car and take a picture of the moving truck outside my parents house so you can see just how giant the humongous fungus from michigan is on the side of it.

I laugh so I don't cry ;)


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