Tuesday, April 26, 2011

today is the new tomorrow

I say that because it has taken me now like a week to get to "tomorrow" when I said I'd post more about how there is a giant U-haul parked in my parents' driveway...

Well thank goodness that is no longer a current statement... it's old news... because we now live in a house, not a U-haul. And for $30+ a day, I can find a pretty decent apartment to be livin in... the truck just didn't cut it ;P

And since today is the first day in almost 2 weeks I've actually had internet on my computer I'm finally catching up with a little of what I've missed! I've got a droid but it's hard to keep up with emails, facebook etc on it since the typing isn't the easiest. Back to my trusty rusty desktop ;) mmmmmalicious!

Anyways, here is the truck with the giant mushrooms on the side...


anyone know anything about the humongous fungus? I was like omg that's totes disgusting. TOTES people! (btw I just made myself barf a little just typing that word)


And heeeeere is a pic of the house! I will eventually post more nice ones, but everything is so disheveled right now... I just want to get off here and put some stuff away!


Oh ya, and that's me on the right side... wearing my bills hoodie with the hood up, because apparently it only ever rains and snows here now.


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