Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have been thinking lately that i haven't posted any random and or crazy stories... which after all, I am known for. So i thought i would post one now to remedy that.

let's talk about my benevolently acquired super nintendo game system. if you were born in the 80's then you will for sure know what I am talking about here, but if not then i will explain a little.

Nintendo made it's debut in 1978 in the form of an arcade game Computer Othello. In 1981 Donkey Kong was created and instantly became hugely popular. Then the first NES (nintendo entertainment system) finally came out in 1985. After a few years the original NES, nintendo got pushed aside as we moved on to what we knew then as the greatest advancement in gaming history, the Super NES.Welcome to the early 90's.

I had a friend who lived a few houses down on my street and we would spend hours playing on her SNES. Our favorite game to play was Donkey Kong, and when DK2 came out, we invested a large part of our memory space into that.

So here I am, 16 years later in the year 2008 still playing DK2. I don't know for sure how many times I have beaten the game. After you beat a game once then there is always the challenge of beating it better the next time! Well at least that's how I think. So last night, my brother Dan and I began yet again a team game of DK2 and worked our way almost through Krem Quay before we hit the deck. In non-gaming terms, that means world 3... still a game term... oh well.

So there is a pathetic and random story about a piece of my childhood that I still carry with me today.

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