Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today, January 31st is indeed my mom's 59th birthday! That's right, you read it correctly. This beautiful woman I call my mother who HAS INDEED been mistaken for my sister! But would you blame anyone? She's gorgeous :) All I can say is that I'm super amazingly happy that I am related to her and can only hope that I hold on to the good-looking genes she passed to me. But good looks aren't the only thing she passed along *wink wink* Here's just a few other things she's passed on throughout my life that I am so happy to have from her.

1) Her amazing artistic tendencies. I feel such a strong connection to her in this way as I know that our minds are so similar when it comes to art and that we relate to life in such a similar way.

2) The songs that i learned by heart when i was little because she would play them for us on the piano as we went to sleep. Whenever I hear those songs, it instantly takes me back to those times.

3) Her ability to love others and be a "Pollyanna." She loves people beyond herself.

4) Her unfailing walk with the Lord. She is such an inspiration to me and always has been. Her walk with the Lord has helped me get myself back together at times when I felt like giving up.

5) Her serious sense of fashion. She blames this on me, but it takes a truly fashion forward person to be as daring and accepting of the criticism that I give her. She could be stuck in above the waist, navy blue and tapered slacks on a day-to-day basis... but instead, i raid her closet regularly cuz i would like to be just that cool :)

6) Her amazing listening abilities. When i vent out my entire day that sometimes takes longer to tell than the actual events took, she will just sit there and only listen. That's how i've learned that sometimes the best thing to say, isn't anything at all.

7) Her seasonal decorating tendencies. I used to think that seasonal decorating was a little "over the top" although kind of cool. She's found the perfect happy medium and is one of the best decorators i know.

8) Her parenting skills. She often tells me that she feels like she didn't do a good enough job raising my brothers and me. But i really couldn't disagree more. There are so many things i learned from her and now am able to pass along to the kids I take care of and later on kids of my own.

I love you, Mom! I am so proud to have you to call my mom and I hope that you can look back and say that each year just gets better and better!


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