Tuesday, January 1, 2008

from my mom

I just got home from a wild night of rousing and fun new years eve activities to find this email in my inbox. It's from my mother, and it made me laugh.

Human interest story -- this morning when we came home (about 1:30), I found a small baggie on the floor -- nearly shredded. I thought the cats had gotten something from the trash and had a "picnic" with it. I bent over to pick it up and realized it was the bag I'd had in the cupboard that HAD been full of CATNIP. It was ALL OVER the kitchen floor! They were very happy cats! They had climbed up on the counter and grabbed it out of the cupboard (apparently) and had had themselves quite the party!

I love my cats, they are great. Last year was sophie's first Christmas and after we put up our tree she found a little lamb ornament that i had had since i was little and since it was made out of cotton it was the perfect thing for her to shred into pieces. my mom was more upset than i was, but instead of being distraught, she just took the ornament and put it in a ziploc bag and wrote "Sophie's first Christmas" on it.

My mom rox my sox!

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