Saturday, January 5, 2008

you must read the one in red

What’s your biggest dream?
to eventually become financially stable enough to be able to leave the country for a month at a time a few times a year doing missionary work in different countries.

Do you know who you are?
yes... i am amanda. need i say more?

Favorite childhood game?
dan and i decided to share a bedroom for about 6 months when we were around 7 and 9. we wanted to have an actual playroom, so we converted my room into the playroom (which consequently never got played in) and we put the bunk beds together in his room. we made up this elaborate story about a man and his son that were traveling from the florida keys to idaho in a tractor trailer truck... it got way more in depth than that, but i won't go into further details. i'll never forget that game!

What do you like most about your friends?
i like that they love me for who i am... and that i can be crazy around them

Favorite dessert?
oh my goodness, who knows... i seriously love dessert. right now, i would say that it would be peanut butter chocolate ice cream with peanut butter chocolate shell on top.

How do you handle arguments/disagreements with other people?
depends on the person. usually though i will try to figure out a way to smooth it over without getting into any kind of confrontation... and if that doesn't work then i run like hell. HA! well it's not too far from the truth... i need to work on that.

Last thing you dreamed about?
i can't remember... but i dream about the stupidest things every night and unless they are exceptionally stupid i don't remember them for long.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?
i was in my creative writing class

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?
maybe like 5 or 6

Would you ever consider living abroad? Where?
absolutely! i would totally love it, and i wouldn't care where... actually that's not entirely true. i wouldn't want to live somewhere colder than here... which isn't hard to do!

Favorite quote:
a man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling "darkness" on the wall of his cell... - CS Lewis

Do you look more like your mom or dad?

Most missed memory:
summers before i was a teenager

Most over asked question on a survey?
questions about favorites

Have you ever done something really stupid that you still laugh at today?
yes... the time that i fell out of my bed and broke my foot.

What color is your mailbox?

Ever hit a deer?
nope, but i had a deer run along side my car the other night. it was so scary.

What aspect of your personality do you like best?
my ability to laugh

What are some things about you that might annoy people?
i am too outspoken sometimes... i say what i am thinking a little too often.

Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

What song reflects your current mood?
i have been listening to the song just another day in paradise by phil vassar all day... i don't think it reflects a mood necessarily but it makes me feel good.

What happened the last time you were completely speechless?
usually when you are speechless you don't have anything to say... not a whole lot you can do from there.

Favorite year of school?
my junior year in high school... the year of beka and rebekah and i... it was amazing.

Ever been bitten by a dog?
probably, but nothing that was worth remembering.

Whats the movie you could watch over and over again?
how to lose a guy in 10 days

What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
well it's not so embarassing now, but then it totally was. i was about 8 and i called my friend but i forgot that she was in school all day (i was homeschooled) i was going to just leave a message but her dad picked up the phone. i panicked and didn't know what to do so i just said that i had the wrong number... and her dad was like "hi amanda" when i asked him how he knew it was me, he said that it was my number on the caller id... i almost died... and really thinking back on it, it wasn't even bad lol

Did you go to preschool?

Do you consider yourself creative?
totally. i love to make things that are artsy and even fartsy. i like to write too and i think that is creative.

What kind of shampoo do you use?
literally whatever is in the shower... i have been trying different ones to see if i can make my hair less greasy... i hate the word greasy by the way... it just sounds soo, well... greasy.

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