Monday, February 25, 2008

more on the new car

Today, I have to head back into the shop to hopefully have the alignment on my car fixed. it was supposed to have been fixed last monday before i actually bought it... but when i drove it away from the lot, it was still pulling way to the right. Since then, i have found a list of other things wrong with the car... and it just kills me because I really do like the car, I just don't want to have to deal with all this garbage! The other things that are not right are:

> the brake light in the back window floats around back there because it is not attached
> the rear defroster does not work worth beans
> the cd player only played one out of the seven cds i tried in it the other day
> AND it only got 21 mpg last week

However, I just looked up the average for my car on and it says that the average combined between city and highway is 21. Blah... but apparently my old car was only like 19 or 20... i always thought i got more out of it... maybe it just had a bigger tank. Anyways, this really bothers me!

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