Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vitamin D and Owen

This is the face i have had to look at all day long. Truly, this picture doesn't even do justice to the patheticness of this poor creature. He will sit across the room in an Eeyore inspired position and then look over his shoulder at me with the most pleading eyes i have ever seen. It speaks to the fact that even dogs feel the gloominess that this time of year hands us. What's funny though is that whenever i say his name, his tail starts to wag... i think that if i had a tail i would wag it too.

I've gotten past the point where my sunny pictures in Brazil no longer make me feel warm... I mean they definitely remind me of the sun and all... but i'm just not inspired by it like i was. It lasted for a couple of months... but right now, especially this week... man it's just depressing!

So poor Owen... at least looking at his face makes me realize that i'm not the only one longing to go outside and run around and not return to the house covered in mud. I can't wait for the sun to break... when it happens, i may just go out in full on sweat gear and take a nap in it. or maybe i could just start taking vitamin D?

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