Thursday, February 21, 2008

to blog or not to blog

I feel like i need to blog something... and since i usually base my blogs on some sort of picture (as i am an extremely visual person) i feel like i can't blog because i don't have any new ones! Actually that's not entirely true. i have quite a few pictures i could put up right now, but i am trying to compose what i am going to enter into the photofest.

AHH! Anyways, I thought I could at least come up with something of interest verbally at least. let's see... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

ok i got it. I'm going to write about the conversation i had with my dad tonight. it was on the topic of healthcare (worldwide or wherever) I currently do not have any health insurance. I think that most people at one point or another had to go without, for whatever reason. And to give a little perspective on why i do not have any (besides the lack of money) i will explain a little.

a) insufficient funds - it is true that i paid for insurance all of last year. However, the coverage was not good enough to warrant me EVER going to the doctor unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I still had to pay for it when I did go, and I couldn't afford the $600 a year extra for prescription insurance.

b) therefore, I decided that I will leave the insurance behind for the time being and still save the same amount i was paying before and use that for the times i am forced to go to the dr.

c) my third reason here will be about how i have decided to trust God. it's easy enough for me to say that I trust God (because I do) but sometimes God gives us the faith and the ability to do things that we would not otherwise feel capable of doing. I have asked God about this no health insurance thing, and quite honestly, I have no checks in my heart about it.

at any rate, as i bought my new car this week i had to reassess my financial situation... and i actually found that with everything going on right now, i am better off than I originally thought.

ramble ramble ramble...

One more thing. my mom and i decided tonight that my cat has ADD. that's right. Attention Deficit Disorder. However, it is not in the normal sense of the definition. She is starved for attention, hence the deficit. It made me laugh...

... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... i couldn't do it. I had to put a pic up... i'm so bad!

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