Thursday, February 28, 2008

sooo bored

today is sunny, but ridiculously cold. At the beginning of the winter I was more than happy for any excuse to leave the house... but now, the cold just makes me want to stay inside and keep warm... or at least try to. I haven't even gone to storytime at the library for like a month now. And i don't have money to waste, so going shopping is out of the question.

Last week the girls had off from school... so on tuesday morning we made a "schedule of events."

> Monday they went with their parents to Chuck E Cheese and out to dinner.
> Tuesday we went bowling and to their favorite McDonald's.
> Wednesday we went sledding and got hot chocho after.
> Thursday we went to Adventure landing... which is a child's dream come true, and an adult's worst nightmare.
>Friday they were so pooped from the week's activities we just stayed home and did crafts and stuff.

I think it was tuesday this week when the sun was out and it was actually half way to warm. meaning like 45 degrees! Anyways, it was so great, i let the kids go out and play even though all the homework wasn't done. When you get to this point in the winter, you just have to let go sometimes, right?!

Anyways, i'm longing for spring. I have realized that I haven't been reading nearly as much... acutally not at all... for the last few months. And i came to the conclusion that that is because i am not outside at all! This past summer I can't even count how many times i would go outside book in hand and sit in a chair in the middle of the yard reading... or laying in the grass. It sounds so idealistic i know, that's the only reason i did it ;) it's so much fun!

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Melissa February 28, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

your making me so sad.

I miss the warmth and the sunshine.

I hope spring comes soon!

Melissa February 28, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

i'm so sad.

It seemed like spring was coming monday. It was SO Nice outside. and it ran away as fast as it came :(

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