Saturday, February 2, 2008


Tonight, on my way home from a great night out with alicia, merrie and melissa i had sudden inspiration for an outfit to wear tomorrow...

... when i was little i remember lying in bed one night drawing a picture of a raccoon in my mind. I would close my eyes and watch as my pencil moved over the paper and formed every detail perfectly. i was *very* excited about this and thought to myself that if i could draw so well in my mind that for sure i could draw that well in real life. So the next morning i went off to my second grade classroom, got out my pencil and paper and began to draw that little raccoon. It didn't work out quite the way i had hoped. I began to realize then how active my imagination can be at times. I feel things in an almost unnatural way sometimes... and by that i mean that beauty in all its different forms isn't something that i just see, i actually feel it.

i said all that to say that when i got home, i went to my closet to try and compose this outfit, but it didn't quite work out the way my mind had imagined it. i'm back to the trusty rusty standby.

this post may seem a little *out of the ordinary* and getting a very small peek into how my mind thinks may leave you feeling like you know me even less than you thought you did. And you may think, "what in the world do clothes and raccoons have anything to do with how my mind works?" I guess for the most part, I am talking about how the things that are beautiful, the things that God has made alive in my imagination is an art form that i am constantly trying to express.

Art in it's truest form always looks better when it's a reflection of someone's imagination. I love seeing what comes from other people minds and imaginations because it can truly be so spiritual. God connects people with an unnatural ability to connect emotionally through what is seen and felt. when someone creates something that they feel inside of them, it's a lot easier for the viewer to connect with what they are looking at. and it just amazes me how awesome God is when i see this happen.

2 extraordinary comments:

Melissa February 3, 2008 at 8:00 AM  

You are too funny! I used to think I could draw too, cuz my imagination is so vivid. And then I'd always get angry with myself when I sat down to draw and realized I couldn't do it :(

Alistar February 5, 2008 at 10:26 AM  

Well if you ask me, George is a very good indication that you have a vivid imagination. lol. : )

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