Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday night IN

I am so happy to be home with nothing to do right now it's not even funny.

I truly enjoy being busy and keeping my time occupied so that... well so that I don't overthink everything. I tend to analyze things until they are dead. I can't TELL you how many times I've thought about something so long that I felt it necessary to start talking about it, and then after days or weeks of working something over, I am met by a blank unbelieving stare from the poor soul I chose to overthink my "problems" onto. HAHAHA!

That last paragraph makes me sound like a real nut job.

Oh well whatever! That's me! Anyways, tonight my parents went out somewhere and my brother isn't home... and I have nowhere to be. No kids to be watching, no butts to be wiped, no fights to break up. Peace.

So you wanna know what I did?

I decided to get a fish fry... Yah, not sure why, but as I was thinking about what sounded good for dinner that's what came to mind. So I WALKED to the village restaurant and got myself one. It was tasty and good.

And that's not all. Nope.

I sat in front of the TV for approximately 2 and a half hours before becoming so dreary I decided to pick up and move to the bedroom. But then I got sidetracked here... and here I am.

I'm ready for bed. Good night all... it's so nice to see my bed again!


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