Friday, June 27, 2008

picture withdrawl!

I know this is my own darn fault, but remember the last time I posted I was saying that my camera had been put away for like 3 days or something? Well now it's like 6.

I actually have 2 dilemmas in this area. Two weeks ago I took some newborn pics (which will be up THIS weekend if I have to quarantine myself for an entire day) and I'm still working on photoshopping them. However, I went into them yesterday to finish it up and realized that when I was retouching before I must have been on crack or something. Because they are blown out like crazy! What's wrong with me!?!!?!!

It sent me into a slump with this set, and so I'm trying to muster up the mojo to go back in there and fix it up. I know that once I get it done I'm gonna feel like a million bucks... but I thought I would just vent a little of my frustration here so I can look back and remember that every set of pics doesn't always "go as planned." Plus, I've got a birth announcement swirling around in my head that I am going to get out as well... and that will make me feel good :)

Here's some good news though. I've lost 3 pounds this week. And it's been by way of - wait for iiiiit... - EATING HEALTHIER! Oh snap, that was profound. Yah i've been eating really well this week (for the most part) But just to prove that I still haven't turned into a health freak (I admire those who are, but a girl's gotta have some junk once in a while!) Here is a picture of my "second breakfast" my first breakfast was some fruit.

mmmmmm cheetos... that's right folks.

anyways, i'm gonna get back to my autoposting editing now... I know i'm a dork. I'm actually having more fun with THAT than my real time posts. What's wrong with me?


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bethany June 27, 2008 at 9:18 AM  

You should show us some of the newborn pics! ;)

Love the Cheetos...I had a pack of Fruit Gushers for breakfast. ;)

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