Sunday, June 8, 2008

let's wrap it up!

Lately I've been reading different blogs that have a wrap up at the end of the week and I really like that. Not only for blogging purposes but for my own personal use as well. That's the main reason I blog anyways, bloggie friends are a bonus!

So here it goes.

This week was pretty busy for me. I thought that when May was over I'd be able to take it a little bit easier, but that hasn't been the case.

Last Sunday I met with some friends of mine about starting an internet magazine for youth and young adults. As it all pans out I am going to be designing the website and doing the maintenance and updating and all that. I'm also overseeing the design aspect where that comes into play. I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to see it all come together. We're not planning our first issue until September, so I'll post more about that when it's more relevant.

Monday was what I call "stay at the house and do nothing day." I'm sorry little Andy, but sometimes that's just necessary. We attempted to go into the pool, but it was still too cold and it seemed as though Andy didn't remember that last summer he was bordering on morphing into an amphibian. As the week progressed, however, he quickly remembered.

Monday night I went to my community group. It's a small group of young adults that meet once a week and we share our lives with eachother. We play games and talk and each week someone shares from the Word. I have grown to love everyone in our group and am sad to see the year wrapping up, but it's really ok... because I've learned, as many of us do, that there are always more good times to be had... and next year will be great as well :)

Tuesday was another stay at the house day, but we did manage to have some fun. It was also the fateful day that the aforementioned inflatable pool popped!

After I was done with my day job, I went to my new second job (which I'll probably keep most of the summer). I'm now taking care of an adorable 2 year old and am working it out with her parents to potentially be living at their house 4 days a week to take care of nights. The mom has breast cancer and had surgery about a month ago to have everything removed, but is now on chemo. She is totally wiped out, and my heart goes out to her so much. I want to help them in any way I can really. So after thinking and praying about it, I decided to see what we could work out. It pretty much takes most of my life away, but I can't help it this time. It's just too much to handle alone and I know that God brought these people to me for a reason... or vice versa.

Wednesday was a repeat of tuesday basically...

Thursday is cadre day! We went to Minnehan's to play mini golf and then afterwards ate french fries and ice cream YUM! It was one of the most beautiful nights of the summer. It was perfectly windy and the temp just hot enough to wear a tank but not so hot it feels like you'll never be able to get it off LoL!

Friday was amazingly hot. I love/live for days like that. I honestly don't care when it is hot and I REFUSE to complain about it! I have to say though, that after 7 years of driving without the option of a/c in my car, I am happy to have it and have been using it on and off in this lovely weather. There are fewer things more enjoyable than taking a 13 hour road trip .alone. in 90+ degree heat. Oh... those WERE the days I tell ya... I'm sure I could recreate that effect... but I probably won't *grin*

Also, Friday was another cadre night. I went to Olive Garden after with Emily... which was day 2 in a row for me. That's right, I went on Thursday too :)

Saturday was... YARD SALE DAY! Between Alicia's and my combined stuff we made a grand total of $47... pitiful I know. But if it makes it any better, added together with the sale I had on Memorial Day, it was a total of $139. Fifty of that was from a lawn mower... that my neighbor sold for me. But I still got the dough! Yay!

In order to make the day go by and have fun while letting it, Alicia and I made up a running commentary to outline the current events. I can't really do justice to the way we sounded here in writing, so it probably won't be funny to you... but it was to me :) and that's all that matters!

And finally, we're here today. Sunday. I went out to Canandaigua after (the consecutive sequence sunday morning events are as follows): church, mexico team meeting, youth leaders meeting. Insert yummy pizza in there somewhere. So I was saying that I went out to Canandaigua... where I took some pictures of one of my favorite girls! She's graduating in a couple weeks but didn't have any senior pics yet. Well, now she does. I was actually editing them before I started this but then I got bored and was looking for TTV filters.

Speaking of TTV filters, I would like to share that with you as my photo editing trick of the week. I have been trying as of late to learn new techniques to use in photoshop so that I can make my pictures cooler and also have more options in my mind when I look at a photo that I am about to edit.

Obviously the first picture on this post was using the same technique. This isn't supposed to be a post about photo editing so I'm not going to explain this, but would anyone be interested if I were to start posting secrets that I use in photoshop? That might be kinda cool.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around while I rambled on about my week :) I hope you had a great week as well, and I'd love to read about yours too!


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Becky D June 9, 2008 at 2:58 PM  

Your life sounds very busy. Don't forget to rest once in a while.

Melissa June 10, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

very cute kid!!! I like him ;)

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