Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Darien Lake - The parking lot

Each and every summer, I make my way down the 30+ miles of open road to the one and only Darien Lake. It used to be a Six Flags, but sadly has lost its status as such and is now exactly the same, just a different name.

I prefaced this road-trip last week and failed, FAILED! to follow up on it and all the adventures that ensued.

So often things happen that I think to myself or out loud how awesome that would be to blog about. Then I forget. However, we have my good friend Dawn to thank for this post. She has been waiting and waiting for me to get our DL adventures out in the open.

This post will include (but not remain limited entirely to) the PARKING LOT. The rest of the adventures will follow in a later post...

It all started on rt 20 in Alicia's seriously awesome pontiac (pronounced PO-nyac) grand am. It was a humid albeit not too hot day... making for a semi-comfortable ride down... or over, seeing as how we were travelling west.

We arrived at the park at approximately 4pm whereupon we had to decide whether or not we were going to pay for an exorbitantly overpriced locker or traipse back and forth to the car.

The car won out.

So we headed in donning our swimsuits as the water park was the first order of business. Shortly after arriving on the inside and meeting up with Dawn and Sarah, I realized that I couldn't actually ride any of the rides with only my suit on... I had no shorts on, just the bottoms which are kinda like shorts and I had a towel.

And I wanted to go on a ride.

I guess I could have waited... but I didn't want to.

So I made trip #3 back to the car. How did I get to #3 already? Oh that's right, because we kept forgetting stuff while we were STILL IN THE PARKING LOT.

Trip #1: I had to get a drink.

Trip #2: I decided the shorts were a nogo.

Trip #3: I realized I did indeed need the shorts.

Trip #4: This is a hypothetical trip because, you see, as we were paying for our tickets, I didn't factor in TAX. Duh. So I brought only $30, because if each ticket was $15, then $30 should be perfect. No loose change to lose when we go on the water rides.

We had already given the car key to Sarah because she had a locker pin to put on her swim suit... and she had gone back into the park. So Alicia and I were standing at the ticket counter


58 centsless

and pantsless

oh wait, I had already put my shorts back on.

Well the guy was nice enough to pay our tax for us. A very nice boy indeed.

Trip #5: Changing out of wet clothes into dry ones... and then eating. For a VERY LONG TIME.

Trip #6: Leaving the park to go home.

Six trips and $5 later (the money we saved on a locker) our trip was concluded. However, I haven't even talked about what happened while we were actually in the park...

that's coming next...


3 extraordinary comments:

Anonymous August 5, 2008 at 3:15 PM  

Isn't that always the way!!! Sounds like a fun and exciting time!!! :)

Chelle August 5, 2008 at 5:39 PM  

Too funny!! It already sounds like you had a fun time lol! I can't wait to read more :)
Thanks for the info about the picture, too! I can't remember if I e-mailed you back and said thanks :)

Melissa August 5, 2008 at 9:29 PM  

You guys have way too much time on your hands.

NO WAY would I do that. Its only $5!!!! LOL

I'm too lazy :-D

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